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Dotnet / Changelog / v6.10

Version 6.10.0 Changelog (2019-03-04)

New Features

  • PDF Compare/Diff API (PDFDoc.appendVisualDiff)
  • Snap to Geometry API (in PDF Viewers) [Only on Windows]

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Updated XFDF export/import to better support Measure Tools, Redaction Annotations and Form Field Tooltips.
  • Support for file sizes greater than 4gb on 32 bit platforms
  • Many improvements and fixes to Office to PDF conversion outputs.
  • Reduced memory usage during parsing and rendering.
  • Reduced the number of unnecessary resources pulled in by page import.
  • Improvements to font substitution logic.
  • Better handling for corrupt documents, especially corrupted streams.
  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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