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UWP / Changelog / v9-0-2-77903

Version Changelog (August 11th, 2021)


Release Date: August 11th, 2021

Breaking Changes

  • [tools] ViewerControl class: property name change
  • [tools] ViewerViewModel class: property name change

New Features

ViewerControl Tabs reordering

Document tabs can now be re-ordered by simply dragging and dropping them

ViewerControl tabs reordering

Multi Window Support (open Extra window)

Ability to open multiple app's windows with a custom control, in the example below to view and annotate a PDF

Multi Window support

The creation of new Windows can be done by using the MultiWindowManager

var result = await MultiWindowManager.Instance.TryCreateNewWindowAsync(typeof(ViewPdfControl));
if (result.IsWindowCreated)
    mExtraWindowId = result.AppViewId;

When the main app is close it should handle the closing of any extra window created by calling await MultiWindowManager.Instance.CloseAllChildWindowsAsync()

SystemNavigationManagerPreview.GetForCurrentView().CloseRequested += App_CloseRequested;

private async void App_CloseRequested(object sender, SystemNavigationCloseRequestedPreviewEventArgs e)
    var deferral = e.GetDeferral();

    // Ensure all extra created windows are properly closed on App's exit
    await MultiWindowManager.Instance.CloseAllChildWindowsAsync();


PDF Compare with Page Sync Scrolling support

Now it is possible to sync page while scrolling which is usefull when manually comparing documents with different zoom levels

PDF Compare Sync Page

Context Menu on Mouse Right-click

Clicking on the PDF with the right click of the mouse will now bring the context menu for quick annotation

Context Menu


  • [pdf] Added PDF to EPUB conversion support

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: expanded UI customization: show/hide Outline menu option’s flyout menu options

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: after copying and pasting an annotation, it will be automatically selected for editing

  • [tools] [control] Added proper tooltip text to buttons found in the Context Menu

  • [tools] [control] TextSearch: while text search results are being displayed, users can now use keyboard left to visit previous search result, and keyboard right to visit next search result

  • [tools][control] Updated all Message Dialogs to use ContentDialog instead of MessageDialog with better UX

  • [tools] Show Context Menu (quick options) when right-clicking on the PDF

  • [tools] Added ability to show/hide the Default Signature (saved signature) when disaplying signature dialog

  • [tools] Added ability to select annotation programmatically

  • [tools] Added ability to set a ReadOnlyMode that restricts editing of opened PDFs

  • [tools] Added Japanese language support

Bug Fixes

  • [tools] Fixed exception caused by the Multiselection tools trying to select a Widget/Form annotation
  • [tools] Copy and Paste Annotation: Fixed issue with shared address which would cause an annotation that was pasted to edit the original annotation style
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl - Fixed exception caused when navigating back from a page that hosts the ViewerControl
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl - Text Search Dialog is no longer accessible via shortcut (Ctrl + F) when ShowTextSearchOption is disabled/false
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl - Highlighted text results will no longer remain highlighted when exiting Text Search mode
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl - Fixed highlighted words after closing the search results


New Methods

  • void Convert.ToEpub(PDFDoc, String)
  • IAsyncAction Convert.ToEpubAsync(PDFDoc, String)

New APIs - Tools Package SDK

New Properties

  • bool ToolManager.ShowDefaultSignature
  • bool SignatureDialog.ShowDefaultSignatures
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowMultiWindowOption
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowOutlineOption
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowViewModeOption
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSeeMoreOption
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSidePanelThumbnails
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSidePanelBookmarks
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSidePanelOutline
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowSidePanelAnnotations
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowAddTabButton
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowCloseTabButton
  • bool ViewerControl.ReadOnlyMode
  • bool ViewerControl.ShowBackButton
  • bool ViewerControl.IsDeactivationOnNavigationEnabled
  • bool ViewerControl.IsForceGoBackAllowed
  • bool ViewerControl.IsTabReorderEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsMultiWindowEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsMultiWindowVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsMultiWindowSubVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsMultiWindowActive
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsEditButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsOutlineButtonVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsOutlineButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPivotItemThumbnailsEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPivotItemBookmarksEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPivotItemOutlineEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsPivotItemAnnotationsEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsTextSearchButtonVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsTextSearchButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsViewModeButtonVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsViewModeButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsSeeMoreButtonVisible
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsSeeMoreButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsAddTabButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsCloseTabButtonEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsReadOnlyModeEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.KeepOpenedTabs
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsDeactivationOnBackNavigationEnabled
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsForceGoBackAllowed
  • bool ViewerViewModel.IsTabReorderEnabled
  • bool TabControlViewModel.IsAddTabButtonVisible
  • bool TabControlViewModel.IsAddTabButtonEnabled
  • bool TabControlViewModel.KeepOpenedTabs
  • bool TabControlViewModel..IsTabReorderEnabled
  • bool PdfViewCtrlTabInfo.IsCloseTabButtonVisible
  • bool PdfViewCtrlTabInfo.IsCloseTabButtonEnabled
  • bool PdfCompareViewModel.SyncPage
  • bool OutlineDialogViewModel.IsPivotItemThumbnailsEnabled
  • bool OutlineDialogViewModel.IsPivotItemBookmarksEnabled
  • bool OutlineDialogViewModel.IsPivotItemOutlineEnabled
  • bool OutlineDialogViewModel.IsPivotItemAnnotationsEnabled
  • CoreApplicationView Tool.CurrentView

New Methods

  • static Brush ResourceHandler.GetColorFromToolPalette(string)
  • void Pan.CreateCommandMenu(UIPoint)
  • void AnnotEdit.SelectAnnotation(IAnnot, int)
  • void ToolManager.SelectAnnotation(IAnnot, int)
  • async Task ViewerViewModel.MultiWindowImpl(object)
  • void CheckerGrid.SetFillColorOnThreadSafe(Rectangle, bool)
  • ContentDialog DocumentCreationViewModelBase.GetErrorContentDialog()
  • void ViewerControl.HandleCommandBarInteraction(RightTappedRoutedEventArgs)
  • async void PDFViewCtrlTabButtonControl.TabViewControl_TabDragCompleted(TabView, TabViewTabDragCompletedEventArgs)
  • void PDFViewCtrlTabButtonControl.PDFViewCtrlTabButtonControl_DataContextChanged(FrameworkElement, DataContextChangedEventArgs)
  • void PDFViewCtrlTabButtonControl.TabViewControl_TabDragStarting(TabView, TabViewTabDragCompletedEventArgs)

New class: MultiWindowManager

  • New Properties
    • int MultiWindowManager.OpenedWindowsCount
  • New Methods
    • void MultiWindowManager.TrackWindow(int)
    • async Task<MultiWindowCreationResult> MultiWindowManager.TryCreateNewWindowAsync(System.Type)
    • bool MultiWindowManager.UntrackWindowById(int)
    • async Task<bool> MultiWindowManager.CloseWindowByIdAsync(int)
    • async Task MultiWindowManager.CloseAllChildWindowsAsync()
    • async Task MultiWindowManager.SwitchWindowByIdAsync(int)

New class: MultiWindowCreationResult

  • New Properties
    • int MultiWindowCreationResult.AppViewId
    • bool MultiWindowCreationResult.IsWindowCreated

New interface: IMultiWindowUserControl

New Converters

  • BrushToColorConverter
  • BooleanToCommandBarOverflowButtonVisibilityConverter

New UserControl: NewWindowPage

New language resources


  • string\ja-jp\Printing.resw
  • string\ja-jp\Resources.resw

Removed Methods

  • FindTextViewModel.FocusTextSearchAsync()

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