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Appian WebViewer

The Appian WebViewer Component Plugin wraps around our Apryse SDK and UI to enable access to our flagship Document JavaScript library for low code in Appian.

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WebViewer is an Appian Component Plugin that lets you start adding accurate, reliable, and fast document processing capabilities to your Appian environment.

You can install WebViewer in Appian with the following plugins listed on the Appian AppMarket (both are required to run the solution):

Install WebViewer in your Appian environment

Review the Get Started section here to learn how to install the components and set them up. There is also a YouTube video that will walk you through the steps.

File Type Support

  • PDF, PDF/A
  • DOCX, XLSX, PPTX (MS Office software or licenses are not required)
  • JPG, PNG

Browser Support

WebViewer for Appian runs in all Appian supported browsers.

See our browser support page for more details.

How can we access WebViewer features in Appian?

Our WebViewer JavaScript UI and SDK are wrapped in an Appian Component Plugin. The component parameters execute the necessary JavaScript code on run time, depending on the users no code or low code configuration(s). This allows users without any prior coding knowledge to access and configure WebViewer features, look, and behavior.

You can check out the Sample Apps from the download section of our AppMarket listing.

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