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What can I do to ensure my support request will be dealt with most efficiently?

Whether you sumbit a question or issue to us through email, stackoverflow, forum post, or out report a problem form, the following information is important.

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Does the issue only occur on one device? Any device? Or certain ones?
  2. Does the issue occur with any file, or only certain files?
  3. Does the issue occur every time, or only sometimes?

Please clearly indicate the answers to these three questions in your report.

If the issue is file specific, we need the file to resolve the issue for you.

Product version

Always check that you are using the latest version of the product.
Bug reports will only be accepted if the latest maintenance release of the respective product line is used. If a problem cannot be reproduced with the latest available version, but only with an earlier release, the support case will be closed.

Please check the corresponding product developer page for directions to the latest version.

Product and platform information

Apryse products are available on all modern mobile, desktop and server platforms, including web.

Please be sure to let us know the Product, Product Version, Platform, and OS. For example:

Android 5.0
Samsung Galaxy S5
WebViewer 3.1.064002
macOS 10.13.3
Firefox 57

Apryse native SDK version

You can get the PDFNet native SDK version number calling PDFNet.GetVersion() at runtime.

Apryse web version

You can get the WebViewer client side version number in chrome javascript console, by changing the top frame to wxyz (ReaderControl.html) and then calling readerControl.docViewer.version in the console.

Can you reproduce in one of our SDK samples?

All of our SDK downloads come with ready to go, easy to run, sample projects. Can you reproduce the error using one of our samples? Perhaps a few lines of code need to be changed and then it occurs?

If you can reproduce using one of our samples, let us know as that is often the fastest way to resolve.

Include all error and diagnostic information

When submitting a report to us, please include all related exception messages, warnings, stack traces, logs. You can not send us too much information, but you can send to little.

Issue type

Since Apryse products are used everywhere from server, to mobile, to the web, different issues require different information to be resolved quickly.

Non-interactive issues

If the error is occuring in a non-interactive environment, such as your server, then ideally you can provide either one of our sample projects modified to reproduce the issue, or a minimal sample project that we can easily run.

If that is not possible, then applicable code snippets showing Apryse API usage.

File conversion, editing, or generation issues

If the issue involves file conversion, please include the following.

  1. Input file(s) example: PDF
  2. Generated output file(s) example: PNG
  3. Settings and/or code used to generate the output
  4. Clearly state, or show, the expected output. Screenshots, or videos, help a lot here

Interactive issues

If the issue occurs when a user is viewing a document, selecting text, annotating, or some other user interactive situation, please provide the following.

  1. Input file if the issue is file specific
  2. Exact steps to reproduce. Screenshots, or videos, help a lot here

Annotation issues

If you are having problems with saving and/or loading annotations, please provide the following information.

  1. Input file(s) example: XFDF and PDF
  2. Generated output file(s) example: XFDF
  3. Settings and/or code used to generate the output
  4. Clearly state, or show, the expected output. Screenshots, or videos, help a lot here
Third party software.
For all points above, especially point (4), clearly indicate what software application is involved. Often issues with annotations involve other vendors software, and to diagnose and resolve as fast as possible for you, we need to know exactly when and how these other vendors are involved with the issue.

License key

If you have purchased a license, please include your license key, or at least company name/domain. This gives the support team valuable information about your account, and account history, to help resolve issues for you as soon as possible.

Submit using our report a problem form

While we are more than happy to receive emails, using the following form helps to ensure you submit the correct info. Report a Problem

Have questions? Connect with our experts on Discord.