Namespace: PartRetrievers

Core. PartRetrievers

The namespace for anything to do with Part Retrievers




<static> CacheHinting

The type of hint to provide to browsers for caching the document. The part retriever may use query parameters to influence browser caching behavior.
NEVER_CACHE: A unique ID is appended to the document URL.
CACHE: The range of bytes requested is appended to the document URL.
This should be used in most cases.
NO_HINT: Nothing is appended to the document URL.
Useful if you require that the document URL never changes.

<static> Types

An object containing all the possible types of part retrievers. Use in conjunction with getPartRetriever
Name Type Description
AndroidContentPartRetriever string
ArrayBufferPdfPartRetriever string
AzurePartRetriever string
ExternalPdfPartRetriever string
HttpPartRetriever string
IOSPartRetriever string
LocalPartRetriever string
LocalPdfPartRetriever string
StreamingPartRetriever string
WinRTPartRetriever string
WebViewerServerPartRetriever string
WebDBPartRetriever string
const partRetriever = await getPartRetriever(PartRetrievers.Types.LocalPdfPartRetriever, file, options);


<static> getPartRetriever(type, file [, options])

Name Type Argument Description
type Core.PartRetrievers.Types The type of retriever you want to use.
file File | Blob | string | ArrayBuffer The file to open with the part retriever
options Object <optional>
Options to pass to the selected part retriever
Name Type Argument Description
decrypt function <optional>
Function to be called to decrypt a part of the file
decryptOptions function <optional>
An object with options for the decryption e.g. {p: "pass", type: "aes"} where is p is the password
cacheHint Core.PartRetrievers.CacheHinting <optional>
The type of cache hinting to use
useDownloader boolean <optional>
Whether to use Downloader, defaults to false.
filename string <optional>
A filename that is only useful when the type is ExternalPdfPartRetriever. Use this option when the filename can't be determined from file(the second argument).
withCredentials boolean <optional>
Whether to set the withCredentials property on the XMLHttpRequest
serverOptions Object <optional>
Options to pass to the server. e.g {serverRoot: ""}