Class: RibbonItem

UI.Components. RibbonItem

new RibbonItem()

Creates a new instance of RibbonItem.
Name Type Description
properties ItemProperties An object that contains the properties of the RibbonItem.
Name Type Argument Description
label string <optional>
The label of the item.
img string <optional>
The icon of the item.
toolbarGroup string <optional>
The group that the item belongs to.
isActive boolean <optional>
Whether the item is active or not.
groupedItems Array.<UI.Components.Item> <optional>
Grouped Items to be contained by the RibbonItem.
const ribbonItem = new instance.UI.Components.RibbonItem({
  dataElement: 'toolbarGroup-Annotate',
  title: 'Annotate',
  type: 'ribbonItem',
  label: 'Annotate',
  groupedItems: [
  toolbarGroup: 'toolbarGroup-Annotate'