Class: PresetButton

UI.Components. PresetButton

new PresetButton()

Creates a new instance of PresetButton.
Name Type Description
properties ItemProperties An object that contains the properties of the PresetButton.
Name Type Description
buttonType string The type of the button. Refer to: UI.PRESET_BUTTON_TYPES
const presetButton = new instance.UI.Components.PresetButton({
  buttonType: 'saveAsButton',
  dataElement: 'presetButton-save'



<static> contentEditButton

A button that toggles Content Edit Mode.

<static> createPortfolioButton

A button that opens the create portfolio modal.

<static> downloadButton

A button that downloads the current document.

<static> filePickerButton

A button that allows the opening of a file as the document in the UI.

<static> formFieldEditButton

A button that toggles form field edit mode.

<static> fullscreenButton

A button that toggles fullscreen mode.

<static> newDocumentButton

A button that creates a new document.

<static> printButton

A button that prints the document.

<static> redoButton

A button that performs the redo action.

<static> saveAsButton

A button that opens the save as modal.

<static> settingsButton

A button that opens the settings modal.

<static> undoButton

A button that performs the undo action.