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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Command-Line Summary for PDF2Text

Usage: pdf2text [<options>] file...


  --file... arg                 A list of folders and/or file names to process.

  -o [ --output ] arg           The folder used to store output files. By
                                default, the output will be displayed on

  -a [ --pages ] arg (=-)       Specifies the list of pages to convert. By
                                default, all pages are converted.

  -e [ --encoding ] arg (=UTF8) Output text encoding:
                                The default output encoding is UTF8.

  -f [ --format ] arg (=plain)  Output text formating:
                                The default output format is 'plain' text.

  --noligatures                 Disables expanding of ligatures using a
                                predefined mapping. Default ligatures are: fi,
                                ff, fl, ffi, ffl, ch, cl, ct, ll, ss, fs, st,
                                oe, OE.

  --nodehyphen                  Disables finding and removing hyphens that
                                split words across two lines. Hyphens are often
                                used a the end of lines as an indicator that a
                                word spans two lines. Hyphen detection enables
                                removal of hyphen character and merging of text
                                runs to form a single word. This option has no
                                effect on Tagged PDF files.

  --no_dup_remove               Disables removing duplicated text that is
                                frequently used to achieve visual effects of
                                drop shadow and fake bold.

  --punct_break                 Treat punctuation (e.g. full stop, comma,
                                semicolon, etc.) as word break characters.

  --remove_hidden_text          Enables removal of text that is obscured by
                                images or rectangles. Since this option has
                                small performance penalty on performance of
                                text extraction, by default it is not enabled.

  --no_invisible_text           Enables removing text that uses rendering mode
                                3 (i.e. invisible text). Invisible text is
                                usually used in 'PDF Searchable Images' (i.e.
                                scanned pages with a corresponding OCR text).
                                As a result, invisible text will be extracted
                                by default.

  --output_bbox                 Include bounding box information for each text
                                element. If the output format is 'XML' the
                                bounding box information will be stored in
                                'bbox' attribute. If the output format is
                                'wordlist' the coordinates of the bounding box
                                will precede the word.

  --xml_words_as_elements       Output words as XML elements instead of inline

  --xml_output_styles           Include font and styling information.

  --wordcount                   Get the number of words on each page.

  --charcount                   Get total number of characters on each page.

  --pageinfo                    Get the width, height, media box, crop box, and
                                page rotation for every page.

  --prefix arg                  The prefix for output text files. The output
                                filename will be constructed by appending the
                                prefix string, the page number, and the
                                appropriate file extension (e.g. myprefix1.txt,
                                myprefix2.xml, etc). The prefix option should
                                be used only for processing of individual
                                documents. By default, PDF filename will be
                                used as a prefix.

  --digits arg                  The number of digits used in the page counter
                                portion of the output filename. By default, new
                                digits are added as needed; however this
                                parameter could be used to format the page
                                counter field to a uniform width (e.g.
                                myfile0001.txt, myfile0002.txt, etc).

  --subfolders                  Process all sub-directory for every directory
                                specified in the argument list. By default,
                                sub-directories are not processed.

  -c [ --clip ] arg             User definable clip box. The default clip
                                region is crop box of the page.

  --noprompt                    Disables any user input. By default, the
                                application will ask for a valid password if
                                the password is incorrect.

  -p [ --pass ] arg             The password for secured PDF files. Not
                                required if the input document is not secured
                                using the 'open' password.

  --extension arg (=.pdf)       The default file extension used to process PDF
                                documents. The default extension is ".pdf".

  --verb arg (=1)               Set the opt.m_verbosity level to 'arg' (0-2).

  -v [ --version ]              Print the version information.

  -h [ --help ]                 Print a listing of available options.

  pdf2text my.pdf
  pdf2text -o test_out/ex1 test/my.pdf
  pdf2text --wordcount my.pdf
  pdf2text -o test_out -a 1 -f xml --output_bbox my.pdf

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