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Add a UIView to a PDF page

This guide demonstrates how to make a UIView appear as if it is stuck to a page.

It is convenient for the user to make a UIView that is "stuck" to a page record its desired page location. To do this, you could add an extension/category to a UIView, or use a derived class, as shown below:

class FloatingView: UIView {
    // the page on which the UIView appears
    var pageNumber: Int32 = 0
    // the location, expressed in PDF coordinates, at which the view appears
    var pdfPageRect: PTPDFRect?

In this example, we will add a red square to a location near the bottom left hand corner of the first page:

// prepare the new view
let redRect = FloatingView()
redRect.backgroundColor =
redRect.pageNumber = 1
redRect.pdfPageRect = PTPDFRect(x1: 10, y1: 10, x2: 100, y2: 100)

// add the view to PTPDFViewCtrl's overlayView

// position the view

Without the last line in the code snippet above, the new view would not appear in the correct location. The following method will position it, and any others that have been added:

func positionFloatingViews() {
    for case let overlayView as FloatingView in self.pdfViewCtrl.overlayView.subviews {
        // make sure this is a floating view
        if type(of: overlayView) === FloatingView.self {
            var pageHidden = false
            if !pdfViewCtrl.pagePresentationModeIsContinuous() {
                pageHidden = !pdfViewCtrl.pageIs(onScreen: overlayView.pageNumber)
            overlayView.isHidden = pageHidden
            var screenRect: CGRect = pdfViewCtrl.pdfRectPage2CGRectScreen(overlayView.pdfPageRect, pageNumber: overlayView.pageNumber)
            screenRect.origin.x += CGFloat(pdfViewCtrl.getHScrollPos())
            screenRect.origin.y += CGFloat(pdfViewCtrl.getVScrollPos())
            overlayView.frame = screenRect
Floating UIView
A red `UIView` positioned near the bottom left hand corner of the first page.

Whenever the PDF page shifts within the PTPDFViewCtrl, which may happen when changing the page presentation mode, zooming, and such, the views need to be re-positioned (positionFloatingViews needs to run again). To do this, implement the PTPDFViewCtrl delegate methods pdfScrollViewDidEndZooming: and onLayoutChanged, and in them, call positionFloatingViews:

func pdfViewCtrl(onLayoutChanged pdfViewCtrl: PTPDFViewCtrl!) {

func pdfViewCtrl(_ pdfViewCtrl: PTPDFViewCtrl!, pdfScrollViewDidEndZooming scrollView: UIScrollView!, with view: UIView!, atScale scale: Float) {

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