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Android / Changelog / v5.8.0 (2012-04-05)

Version 5.8.0 Changelog (April 05, 2012)


Release Date: April 05, 2012


  • Added PDFViewCtrl.openURL() for supporting incremental downloading/viewing.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.Tool.onDocumentDownloadEvent() interface for receiving download events.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.DocumentDownloadListener interface for receiving download events.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.setDocumentDownloadListener() function.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.getAppliedCanvasTransform() to query the extra transformation matrix PDFViewCtrl applied to its Canvas.
  • Modified how page sliding is handled so that contents drawn in PDFViewCtrl.Tool.onDraw() are still relative to the moving pages.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.isFinishedRendering(bool) to check if the current visible region is fully rendered.
  • Addded PDFViewCtrl.waitForRendering() function that can be called to avoid flickering.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.setZoomLimit() function to cap zoom levels.
  • Modified PDFViewCtrl.setClientBackgroundColor() to allow transparent background.
  • Modified to show how to add background image, how to set zoom limits, and how to open a URL.
  • Fixed a bug in sticky note creation (StickNoteCreate class in tools.jar).

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