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MS Office Library for Android

Direct Microsoft Office Conversion enables apps to directly convert MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF and other formats without using Microsoft Office. With Apryse SDK, developers can embed high-quality and fast Microsoft Office conversion in just a few lines of code.

Apryse SDK offers dependency-free Microsoft Office conversion with the following benefits:

  • Direct conversion of MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to PDF and other formats on any platform without using Microsoft Office or any other dependency.
  • Seamless viewing and annotation of Office documents on any platform (Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac) without any server side dependencies.
  • Reliable and scalable server side conversion from MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF, image, text, XPS, SVG, HTML, and other formats.
  • Developed from the ground-up by Apryse to offer high-quality conversion that maintains the original document fidelity and preserves vector graphics, text, hyperlinks, colors and fonts.

Get started

Open MS Office file
To open an MS Office document.

Convert MS Office file
To convert an MS office file to a PDF document without any external third party dependencies.

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