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The following page describes some of the SDK prerequisites.

Prerequisites for C# .NET PDF library with Windows

Dependencies for .NET

.NET libraries are not allowed to statically link against a runtime library. Due to this limitation, if you do choose to use the Apryse SDK for .NET, please remember to install the corresponding VC++ runtime libraries, as outlined below. This should not be a problem on most development machines, however this is an important consideration for deployments.

.NET Framework 4.5.1+

End users of applications developed with Apryse SDK for .NET 4.5.1+ will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 redistributable on their system (the files MSVCP120.DLL and MSVCR120.DLL). This is a standard component of Visual Studio, which is why it was not needed during development. End users may be instructed to install these files directly using the package from Microsoft, or the DLLs can be included as part of the application install by including it in the same folder as your application. The appropriate (x86/x64) version of the VC++ 2019 runtime needs to be installed, based on the platform architecture that you are targeting.

What about AnyCPU? Isn't this .NET we are talking about? Of course AnyCPU is supported - please see the deployment section for all the details.

The above components are available for download directly from the Microsoft website. The download links are given below.


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