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Apryse SDK API Documentation

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PDFNet API Documentation

Tools API Documentation

The Apryse iOS SDK is comprised of two frameworks:

The Tools framework API provides PDF interaction functionality as well as the UI controls included with the SDK. Go here if you are looking to customize how your users will interact with PDFs. Some important classes you will find in the Tools API are:

The PDFNet framework API provides functionality for working with and manipulating PDF documents, as well as their elements such as pages, interactive forms, bookmarks, graphical elements on the page, and so on. Go here for higher level programmatic PDF processing APIs. Some important classes you will find in the PDFNet API are:

Component Overview

PTDocumentControllerToolsFully-featured PDF viewer with interactive controls
Annotation toolsToolsInteractive tools for creation/modification/deletion of annotations, as well as text selection, form-filling, link-handling, and multimedia controls
UI componentsToolsBuilt-in components to display e.g. an annotation toolbar, document outline, annotation list, user bookmarks and more
PTPDFViewCtrlPDFNetA utility class for interactive rendering of PDF documents
PTPDFDocPDFNetA high-level class describing a single PDF document

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