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Java / Changelog / v7.0.1

Version 7.0.1 Changelog (2019-08-20)

New Features

  • Added utility functions to ComboBoxWidget and ListBoxWidget which simplify reading and editing options. (GetOptions(), ReplaceOptions() and RemoveOption())

Other Changes

Roughly categorized, not an exhaustive list.


  • [xod] Better support corrupt PDF content streams with mismatched BT and ET entries.
  • [xps] Fixed a potential crash when reading JPEG XR files on non-windows platforms.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue with PDFViewCtrl.OpenURL error handling when losing internet connection while download is in progress.


  • [pdf] Adjusted ElementBuilder.CreateRect to support input rectangles that are not normalized.
  • [xps] Added basic detection for proprietary PhotoShop headers that impact jpeg scaling in XPS files.


  • [pdf] Adjusted XFDF import for Form Fields to properly construct missing fields and appearances.
  • [pdf] Fixed a problem with DigitalSignatureField.GetDocumentPermissions.
  • [pdf] Fixed filled Polyline rendering when there are line beginning/ending styles.
  • [pdf] Fixed a problem where per page XFDF export would sometimes not include all of the field attributes.
  • [xod] Fixed an uncommon issue where some completely masked graphics would be visible after ToXod conversion.

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