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Azure Linux Consumption Plan

HTML2PDF Azure App Service Linux Consumption Plan

The Apryse SDK HTML2PDF module will run in an Azure App Service with a consumption plan hosted on a Linux operating system, but depending on the Linux distribution used you may need to install some dependencies and give the HTM2PDF module permission to run.

Dependencies and fontconfig
At the time of writing this article the hosting operating system is Debian GNU/Linux 11 (Bullseye) which has the required dependencies installed. This has changed in the past and possibly will again so it’s important to verify the required dependencies are installed by checking the shared object dependencies with ldd. If any are listed as “not found” they must be installed. Here is an example of running “ldd” on Azure's Debian GNU/Linux 11.
Linux - Missing Dependencies

Installing dependencies only needs to happen the first time your function runs in a new hosting environment, but it is recommended to create a routine to check them each time the function runs. Instructions on installing Linux dependencies can be found here.
Linux Dependencies

Execution Permissions
When copied to the host, usually /home/site/wwwroot/bin/, the HTMl2PDF module will likely not have permission to run and you will need to grant it execution permissions. In a .NET application you can use the Mono.Posiz.NETStandard package to set file/folder permissions.
Linux - Missing Dependencies

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