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Compare files with overlay

Apryse SDK allows you to compare files visually using overlays.

Overlay PDFs to find differences in Xamarin.iOS

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.iOS. See Xamarin.Android equivalent here .

The Apryse SDK provides powerful file comparison functionality. An example of this capability is shown below by comparing two PDF pages and highlighting the difference between them in red.

File 1File 2Difference
File 1File 2Diff

Show a file comparison view controller

The PTDiffViewController class shows a control to select two documents and create a new file showing the visual difference between them with customizable colors.

Diff view controller

The file comparison control is part of the Tools library, so make sure you have added the Tools library to your project .

// Initialize a file comparison view controller.
var diffController = new PTDiffViewController();

diffController.DidCreateDiffFileAtURL += (sender, e) =>
    // Handle created diff file.

var navigationController = new UINavigationController(diffController);
if (!UserInterfaceIdiomIsPhone)
    navigationController.ModalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationStyle.Popover;

    navigationController.PopoverPresentationController.SourceView = btn;
    navigationController.PopoverPresentationController.SourceRect = btn.Bounds;

this.PresentViewController(navigationController, true, null);
The diff view controller must be pushed onto a navigation controller's stack before being shown.
Retrieving the file comparison output.
The PTDiffViewController creates an output file showing the visual difference between the two documents in a temporary directory and returns an NSURL with the file's location via a delegate method. To save and display the file, you must conform to the PTDiffViewControllerDelegate protocol.

File comparison sample code

The following sample code demonstrates how to use PDFNet to generate a document displaying the visual difference between two PDF pages:

// Xamarin sample code coming soon

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