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Sample projects: Android PDF viewer apps

If you are interested in trying out the sample activities in your application directly, please check out this article instead.

Download the SDK

Apryse for Android ships with two sample projects, each containing sample code you can use in your project. The source for both samples are included in the Android zip package under the samples folder. You can run any of the sample projects with Android Studio or with command line.

If you prefer to install the sample apps directly you can download the APKs here:

Run samples from source with Android Studio

First, be sure you have the latest version of Android Studio. You can download the latest version here. If you already have Android Studio, check for the latest stable version by clicking Help > Check for Updates (on Mac: Android Studio > Check for Updates).

  1. In the Welcome to Android Studio window, click Import project (Gradle, Eclipse ADT, etc.).
android_studio_welcome image
  1. Select one of the sample app's project folder and click OK.
android_studio_import_1 image
  1. Run the project.
android_studio_play image

Showcase app

See details here: Showcase app

CompleteReader app

See details here: CompleteReader app

MiscellaneousSamples app

This app showcases the functionality of the Apryse SDK and includes the samples found on the sample code page. You can inspect its source code to learn how to use some of the main classes and features of the SDK, or just run the sample and view the results.

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