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PDF to PDF/A command-line conversion

PDF/A Manager is a PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) validation and conversion software. It is available as a command-line tool.

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The conversion option analyses the content of existing PDF files and performs a sequence of modifications in order to produce a PDF/A compliant document. Features that are not suitable for long-term archiving (such as encryption, obsolete compression schemes, missing fonts, or device-dependent color) are replaced with their PDF/A compliant equivalents. Because the conversion process applies only necessary changes to the source file, the information loss is minimal. Also, because the converter provides a detailed report for each change, it is simple to inspect changes and to determine whether the conversion loss is acceptable.

The validation option in PDF/A Manager can be used to quickly determine whether a PDF file fully complies with the PDF/A specification according to the international standard ISO 19005-1. For files that are not compliant, the validation option can be used to produce a detailed report of compliance violations as well as a list of relevant error objects.

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Like other Apryse products, PDF/A Manager does not rely on other third-party software. PDF/A Manager can be used in server environments or as a batch conversion process.

PDF/A Manager Command-Line utility is based on PDF SDK core technology which is available for integration in third party solutions and applications. For more information, please vist ( or contact a Apryse representative.

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Why PDF/A Manager?

  • PDF/A Manager is an indispensable tool for anyone working with PDF/A.

  • Supports all versions of the PDF format (PDF 1.0 to ISO32000).

  • Includes an option to create linearized (web-optimized) PDF/A documents.

  • Fast, reliable and suitable for server use.

Key Functions

  • Checks if a PDF file is compliant with PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) specification.

  • Converts any PDF to a PDF/A compliant document.

  • Support for all versions of PDF/A.

  • Produces a detailed report of compliance violations and associated PDF objects.

  • Keeps the required changes a minimum, preserving the consistency of the original.

  • Tracks all changes to allow for automatic assessment of data loss.

  • Allows user to customize compliance checks or omit specific changes during PDF/A conversion.

  • Preserves tags, logical structure, and color information in existing PDF documents.

  • Offers automatic font substitution, embedding, and subsetting options.

  • Supports automation and batch operation. PDF/A Manager is designed to be used in unattended mode in high throughput server or batch environments.

Common Use Case Scenarios

  • Libraries, newspaper agencies, and government institutions can use PDF/A Manager to automate PDF archiving in high-throughput web applications of server based environments.

  • Maintainers or large collections of existing PDF documents can use PDF/A Manager in batch mode to ensure that all files are suitable for long-term archiving.

  • Software developers can use PDF/A Manager SDK or PDF SDK API to add the PDF/A Export option to their existing PDF export filter.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows, Linux and Mac.

System Requirements

  • At least 20 MB of free disk space.

  • Memory requirement is heavily dependent on the nature of the document(s) being processed.


echo "Example 1) Test a PDF file for PDF/A compliance:"
./pdfa --noxml "Apryse PDFA Manager User Manual.pdf" --lic_key "<PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY>"
echo "Example 2) Test PDF files for PDF/A compliance and generate an XML error report:"
./pdfa -o OUT1 --level B --subfolders *.pdf --lic_key "<PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY>"
echo "Example 3) An example of PDF/A Conversion:"
./pdfa -c -z -o OUT2 *.pdf --lic_key "<PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY>"
echo "Example 4) An example of PDF/A Conversion:"
./pdfa -c --noxml -o OUT3 --subfolders "Apryse PDFA Manager User Manual.pdf" OUT2 --lic_key "<PDFNET_LICENSE_KEY>"

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