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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Nodejs / Changelog / v6.6


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 6.6.0 Changelog (2016-01-12)

  • Java API brought inline with standard naming convention (lowercase). For example pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc is now com.pdftron.pdf.PDFDoc.
  • Improved password (encrypted PDF) handling, especially for C++ API, to better handle unicode and binary passwords.
  • Important bug fixes and incremental improvements.

New Types and Methods in PDFNet Common API:

  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeUserPassword(byte[])
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeMasterPassword(byte[])
  • pdftron.SDF.SDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(byte[])
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(byte[])
  • pdftron.PDF.Page.AddRotations
  • pdftron.PDF.Page.SubtractRotations
  • pdftron.PDF.Page.RotationToDegree
  • pdftron.PDF.Page.DegreeToRotation
  • pdftron.PDF.Annot.GetRotation
  • pdftron.PDF.Annot.SetRotation

Removed Types and Methods in PDFNet Common API:

  • pdftron.PDF.Annots.Screen.GetRotation
  • pdftron.PDF.Annots.Screen.SetRotation
  • pdftron.PDF.Annots.Widget.GetRotation
  • pdftron.PDF.Annots.Widget.SetRotation

Changed Types and Methods in PDFNet Java API:

  • Root package changed from pdftron to com.pdftron.
  • Rest of sub packages are now lower case.
  • For example pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc will now be com.pdftron.pdf.PDFDoc.

New Types and Methods in PDFNet C++ API:

  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeUserPassword(UString)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeMasterPassword(UString)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.InitPassword(UString)
  • pdftron.SDF.SDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(UString)
  • pdftron.SDF.PDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(UString)

Deprecated Types and Methods in PDFNet C++ API:

  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.InitPasswordASCII(const char*)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.InitPassword(const char*, size_t)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeUserPasswordASCII(const char*)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeUserPassword(const char*, size_t)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeMasterPasswordASCII(const char*)
  • pdftron.SDF.SecurityHandler.ChangeMasterPassword(const char*, size_t)
  • pdftron.SDF.SDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(const char*, int)
  • pdftron.PDF.PDFDoc.InitStdSecurityHandler(const char*, int)

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