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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

UWP / Changelog / v8.0.0



PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 8.0.0 Changelog (September 11, 2020)


Release Date: September 11, 2020


This release of Apryse for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) brings the core PDF functionality inline with version 8.0.0 of the Apryse cross-platform APIs. More information can be found on What's new for cross-platform APIs .

New Features

  • Added support to convert ppt and xls office format to PDF
  • Added External Annotation Manager that supports real time collaboration of annotations
  • Added Ink.SetHighlightIntent and Ink.GetHighlightIntent() which should be used instead of the deprecated Ink.SetBlendMode()
  • Added SetCustomData(), GetCustomData(), and DeleteCustomData() to all annotations so extra info can be used when creating or editing annotation
  • Added PDFviewCtrl.SetRequiredFieldBorderColor(Color) which allows to change the border color of required field on a document
  • Utility functions to refresh all missing appearances and more easily create custom appearances (PDFDoc.RefreshAnnotAppearance() and Annot.RefreshAnnotAppearance(RefreshOptions))
  • Added support to dashed border creation using Annot.AnnotBorderStyle()

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • [pdf] Added proper exception handling to GetThumbAsync()

  • [pdf] Added Annot.SetDateToNow() to all annotations

  • [pdf] Added new Image.Create() method ro create Image

  • [pdf] Added ability to create Markup from SDF obj or Annotation as a way of casting annotation objects

  • [tools] AnnotationManager - supports annotation syncing between different clients to allow collaboration

  • [tools] FreehandCreate - it now uses new API Ink.SetHighlightIntent() instead of deprecated Ink.SetBlenMode()

  • [tools] Annotation Unique ID - Added unique ID when annotation is created

  • [Resources] Added plugin files to be used when converting Office files to PDF

  • [pdf] fixed SaveAsync() issue after Undo() is performed which previously would thrown an exception and not save the document properly

  • [pdf] fixed SaveAsync() issue after Flattening or Reducing a document which could cause an exception

  • [pdf] fixed Page.GetAnnot() exception when trying to get a not valid SDF object

  • [pdf] fixed issue when creating dashed annotation border using AnnotBorderStyle

  • [tools] UndoRedoManager - correct instability issue and improved feature performance

  • [tools] AnnotationCommandBar - fixed Undo() and Redo() issues where these actions would not be performed in a proper order and therefore not update PDfViewctrl correctly

  • [tools] ThumbnailView - fixed issue of thumbnail view not displaying correct image when Undo() or Redo() is performed

  • [tools] ThumbnailsView - fixed crash that might occur when ThumbnailView is opened and the document tab is closed

  • [tools] MultiSelect tool - fixed crash when resizing an annotation group

  • [tools] MultiSelect tool - fixed control points not being reliable when selecting a group of annotations

  • [tools] ThumbnailView - improved ThumbnailView performance when doc is opened

  • [tools] Eraser - fixed issue when Eraser is used in conjunction with Undo() or Redo()

New APIs

  • PDFDoc.RefreshAnnotAppearance()
  • Annot.SetDateToNow()
  • Annot.SetCustomData(String)
  • (String) Annot.GetCustomData(String)
  • Annot.DeleteCustomData(String)
  • Annot.RefreshAnnotAppearance(RefreshOptions)
  • AnnotBorderStyle(AnnotBorderStyleStyle, double, double, double, Array<double>)
  • (bool) RefreshOptions.GetDrawBackgroundOnly()
  • RefreshOptions.SetDrawBackgroundOnly(bool)
  • (bool) RefreshOptions.GetRefreshExisting()
  • RefreshOptions.SetRefreshExisting(bool)
  • (bool) RefreshOptions.GetUseNonStandardRotation
  • RefreshOptions.SetUseNonStandardRotation(bool)
  • (bool) RefreshOptions.GetUseRoundedCorners()
  • RefreshOptions.SetUseRoundedCorners(bool)
  • PDFviewCtrl.SetRequiredFieldBorderColor(Color)
  • Ink.SetHighlightIntent(bool)
  • (bool) Ink.GetHighlightIntent()
  • (Image) Image.Create(SDFDoc, FilterReader, int32, int32, int32, ColorSpace, Obj)
  • ExternalAnnotManager.MergeXFDF(String)
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.Undo()
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.Redo()
  • (Rect) ExternalAnnotManager.JumpToAnnotWithID(String)
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.GetLastXFDF()
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.GetLastJSON()
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.GetNextRedoInfo()
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.GetNextUndoInfo()
  • (String) ExternalAnnotManager.TakeSnapshot(String)

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