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Windows / Changelog / v6.7.1

Version 6.7.1 Changelog (2016-11-14)

New Features

  • Support for JavaScript actions. This can be enabled using PDFNet.EnableJavaScript(true) and includes the following interactive PDF features :
    • Automatically recalculated fields.
    • Verification of user input.
  • Built-in DOC-to-PDF conversion support.
  • Export to individual separations using PDFDraw.
    • Rather than converting to an output format such as RGB, PDFDraw can now preserve separations. Output can be in the form of a single N-channel TIFF, or to a number of output files, one for each separate ink in the source document.
  • Support for the "cloudy" and "nozoom" annotation styles.
  • Stream documents to PDFViewCtrl during conversion to PDF, through new Universal Conversion interface. (Available on PDFNet Mobile SDK for Android and PDFNet Mobile SDK for UWP.) Supports the following file types:
    • Office file conversion support: .docx, .pptx, .doc. (with the optional office conversion module)
    • Image conversion support: .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif
    • Image collections (zip archives with any type of image internally)
    • plain text file formats

Performance Improvements

  • Faster shape rasterization (0-20%).
  • JBig2 decoding performance improvements (3-5x faster in many cases).
  • JPEG2000: for the majority of JPEG 2000 encoded images, decoding is now faster and uses much less memory.
  • faster CMYK->RGB conversion in many cases.
  • parsing improvements: much improved performance on files with complex content streams.


  • Overprint preview handling has been improved.
  • More robust handling of corrupt documents.
  • Improved stability when used in an interactive environment.
  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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