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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Xamarin / Changelog / v9.4.0



PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 9.4.0 Changelog (October 26, 2022)

Version: 9.4.0

Release Date: October 26, 2022


This release of Apryse for Xamarin brings the core PDF functionality and iOS and Android Tools functionality inline with version 9.4.0 of the iOS and Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New for iOS and What's New for Android .


New Features

  • Added new API for Measurement Tool ToolManagerBuilder.SetSnappingMode
  • Added API to show/hide page indicator PdfViewCtrlTabBaseFragment.ShouldShowPageIndicator
  • Add API to change icon color in annotation toolbar PdfViewCtrlTabBaseFragment.SetIconColor
  • Added new API to set disabled appearance to ActionButton.SetItemAppearanceDisabled and AnnotationToolbarComponent.SetItemAppearanceDisabled
  • Added API to disable edit reply: CollabViewerTabFragment2.DisableReplyEdit

Bug Fixes

  • Samsung keyboard not showing comma-based decimals (e.g. European locale)
  • hidePresetBar API now applies to the empty "No preset" bar in landscape/tablet view
  • Fix reloading state with pan/zoom issue when you are on the last page of a .xod file
  • Thumbnail slider won't jump when tapped
  • Disabled tools no longer affected by Eraser tool
  • GotoR links within the same document will now jump to the correct page


New features

  • Added accessibility titles to toolbar buttons in tool-group toolbar.

New APIs

  • Added an API to control the visibility of the activity indicator or progress spinner while the document is loaded: PTDocumentBaseViewController.HidesProgressSpinner.
  • Added an API to control where documents are cached on-disk: PTDocumentBaseViewController.DocumentManager.DefaultDocumentCacheDirectoryURL.
  • Added an API to control creation and editing of count measurement annotations: PTToolManager.CountAnnotationOptions.
  • Added an API to customize the "Opening PDF..." text shown while loading a PDF in the viewer: PTDocumentBaseViewController.DocumentLoadingMessage.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for signature being stamped outside of signature field when the keyboard is visible before tapping the signature field.
  • Fix for keyboard focussing on another text field when tapping on a read only field.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of XFDF-imported free text annotations.
  • Fix for Callout annotation being misplaced when the document is scrolled up because of the keyboard.
  • Fixed PDFViewCtrl not being deallocated and leaking memory.
  • Fixed GoToR actions that link back to the document itself.
  • Fix for new pages added after the current page instead of the page selected.
  • Fix for editing a link annotation with an invalid Action causing a crash.
  • Fix for restricting editing and deletion of disabled annotation types in annotation list.
  • Fixed a crash in the outline list that only occurs on iOS 12.

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