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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

View mode dialog

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.Android.

ViewModePickerDialogFragment allows users to: pick page layout mode , select page color mode , rotate pages , and crop pages .

view mode dialog

Show view mode dialog

To show a view mode dialog in your activity, create a new instance of ViewModePickerDialogFragment by calling newInstance(PagePresentationMode, boolean, boolean, int):

public void ShowViewModeDialog()
    var viewModeDialog = pdftron.PDF.Dialog.ViewModePickerDialogFragment.NewInstance(mPdfViewCtrl.PagePresentationMode,
      false, mReflowControl.Visibility == ViewStates.Visible, 0);
    viewModeDialog.SetStyle((int)DialogFragmentStyle.Normal, Resource.Style.PDFTronAppTheme);
    viewModeDialog.Show(this.SupportFragmentManager, "view_mode_picker");

Set view mode dialog listener

In order to let users pick PDF page presentation mode, color mode, etc. you need to implement the corresponding events in the ViewModePickerDialogFragment instance.

viewModeDialog.CustomColorModeSelected += (sender, e) =>
    // save the selection so we can retrieve it next time
    PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager.SetCustomColorModeBGColor(this, e.BgColor);
    PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager.SetCustomColorModeTextColor(this, e.TxtColor);
    PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager.SetColorMode(this, PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager.KeyPrefColorModeCustom);
    // Do something with e.BgColor and e.TxtColor

viewModeDialog.ViewModeColorSelected += (sender, e) =>
    // save the selection so we can retrieve it next time
    PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager.SetColorMode(this, e.ColorMode);
    // Do something with e.ColorMode

viewModeDialog.ViewModeSelected += (sender, e) =>
    // Do something with e.ViewMode

In ViewModeSelected, the selected view mode values are defined in PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager and include the following:

View ModeDescriptionValue
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_CONTINUOUS_VALUESingle page in continuous mode is selected."continuous"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_SINGLEPAGE_VALUESingle page presentation mode is selected."singlepage"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_FACING_VALUEFacing two pages presentation mode is selected."facing"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_FACINGCOVER_VALUEFacing two pages with odd page number on right side of PDF is selected."facingcover"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_FACING_CONT_VALUEIn continuous mode, Facing two pages presentation mode is selected."facing_cont"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_FACINGCOVER_CONT_VALUEIn continuous mode, Facing two pages with odd page number on right side of PDF is selected."facingcover_cont"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_ROTATION_VALUERotate pdf pages is selected."rotation"
KEY_PREF_VIEWMODE_USERCROP_VALUEUser-level crop pages is selected."user_crop"
To learn about setting page presentation mode, see PDFViewCtrl page presentation mode .
To learn about setting page color mode, see PDFViewCtrl color modes .
To learn about reflow, see reflow .
To learn about cropping pages, see crop page dialog .

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