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There are several samples available for Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms which will allow you to test and experience the many features included in Apryse's library.

Xamarin.iOS samples

Download the SDK

Apryse for Xamarin.iOS ships with two sample projects each containing examples that you could use in your project. All samples are included in the download package under \samples folder. You can run any of the sample projects via Visual Studio.

  • Open \projectSrc\PDFNetiOSXamarin\PDFNetiOSXamarin.sln or the .csproj file for project of interest in latest version of Visual Studio.
  • Select the project of interest as the startup project.
  • Clean and build the project.
  • Choose a deploy target, either a device or an simulator, then deploy to device.

PDFNetiOSXamarinSample project

This sample shows how to use PDFViewCtrl to make a PDF viewer and annotator. It also has code snippets such as showing how to use AnnotationToolbar, bookmark controls etc.

iOSMiscellaneousSamples project

This app shows the functionalities of the Apryse SDK and includes the samples found in the sample code page. Inspect its source code to learn how to use some of the main classes and features of the SDK, or just run the sample and check the results.

This project shares all of its source code with AndroidMiscellaneousSamples project.

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