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Xamarin / iOS / Config tools (iOS)

Tool framework setup for Xamarin.iOS

This guide demonstrates how to set up the Tools framework. To begin using the Tools framework, you must have first added it to your project and set up the PDFNet library .

Adding a tool manager

The Tools.framework can be used in your project by simply adding a PTToolManager to an existing PTPDFViewCtrl as its tool delegate:

using pdftron.PDF.Tools;

// Create the tool manager (used to implement text selection, annotation editing, etc.)
mToolManager = new PTToolManager(mPdfViewCtrl);

// Register the tool manager to receive events.
mPdfViewCtrl.ToolManager = mToolManager;

// Set the initial tool.

You can now tap to select and edit annotations, fill forms, long press to select text, and long press empty areas of the document to create annotations.


A ToolManager instance can be configured by setting its properties.

The following code shows how to disable text selection and editing of ink (free hand) annotations:

// Disable editing of ink annotations.
mToolManager.InkAnnotationOptions.CanEdit = false;

// Disable text selection.
mToolManager.TextSelectionEnabled = false;

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