CreateBitmapFromCustomStampTask.OnCustomStampCreatedCallback Callback interface for when the bitmap of a custom rubber stamp is created. 
FindTextTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when a pattern is found in the document. 
GenerateHighlightsTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when search highlights are obtained. 
GetTextInPageTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when text in the current page is prepared. 
LoadFontAsyncTask.Callback A interface for listening finish event  
PDFDocLoaderTask.onFinishListener A interface for listening finish event  
PopulateUserBookmarkListTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when user bookmarks are populated. 


CreateBitmapFromCustomStampTask A class that asynchronously generates a bitmap from a certain custom rubber stamp. 
FindTextTask A class that asynchronously finds a pattern through the document  
GenerateHighlightsTask A class that asynchronously generates highlights for all instances of a specified text in the document  
GeneratePagesTask A class that asynchronously either creates a document with empty pages or inserts empty pages into an existing document  
GetTextInPageTask A class that asynchronously extracts the text of the current page  
LoadFontAsyncTask Async Task for loading fonts in system path.