AnnotationToolbarComponent.AnnotationButtonClickListener Annotation button click listeners  
AnnotationToolbarComponent.OnPreBuildToolbarListener Listener called prior to building a new AnnotationToolbar. 
AnnotationToolbarComponent.OnToolbarChangedListener Listener called when toolbar changes. 


AnnotationToolbarComponent Annotation Toolbar UI Component that is in charge of handling the toolbar logic and UI events. 
AnnotationToolbarTheme Helper to get AnnotationToolbarComponent related theme attributes. 
AnnotationToolbarViewModel View model in charge of handling the annotation toolbar's state  
AnnotationToolbarViewModel.DisabledButtonTypes Wraps our list of disabled ToolbarButtonType so that it's observable when changes happen. 
AnnotationToolbarViewModel.DisabledToolModes Wraps our list of disabled ToolManager.ToolMode so that it's observable when changes happen. 
AnnotationToolbarViewModel.ObservableAnnotationToolbarBuilder Wraps AnnotationToolbarBuilder so it's observable when changes happen. 
DefaultToolbars Resources used by the viewer's default toolbars, which includes toolbar tags and toolbar button ids. 
TabletAnnotationToolbarComponent Tablet version of AnnotationToolbarComponent which contains a preset style section in the annotation toolbar. 
ToolbarSharedPreferences Class that controls toolbar shared preference settings such as: storing the last used tool, storing the last used toolbar, storing the customized toolbars  


DefaultToolbars.ButtonId Collection of toolbar button ids used by the default viewer toolbars.