ToolConfig.PanLongPressSwitchToolCallback A functional interface for pan tool switch tool when long pressing on annotation  


PDFNetConfig This is a utility class for setting up PDFNet initially. 
PDFViewCtrlConfig This is a utility class for setting up PDFViewCtrl initially. 
ToolConfig Helper class for config tools and tool related customize stuffs  
ToolManagerBuilder ToolManagerBuilder is a helper for constructing ToolManager with xml configuration and set ToolManager to PDFViewCtrl

For example, you can initialize ToolManager as following:

  ToolManager toolManager = ToolManagerBuilder
      .build(getActivity(), mPDFViewCtrl);
where mPDFViewCtrl is an instance of PDFViewCtrl  
ToolStyleConfig A helper class for configuring style of annotation creator tools. 
ViewerBuilder This class is deprecated. use ViewerBuilder2 instead. Builder to create a PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment.  
ViewerBuilder2 Builder to create a PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2
ViewerConfig This class is responsible for configuration PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 and PdfViewCtrlTabFragment2
ViewerConfig.Builder Builder class used to create an instance of ViewerConfig