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Version 10.10.0 Changelog (June 12th, 2024)

New In This Release

Version 10.10 is primarily a bugfix release.

New Options

  • Added an option to underline DGN text data fields when converting CAD to PDF. (CADConvertOptions.SetUnderlineTextDataFields())
  • Added an option to set a preferred OCR engine for PDF to HTML conversion in e_reflow_full mode.(HTMLOutputOptions.SetPreferredOCREngine())
  • Added an option to embed a timestamp token into a digital signature. (CMSSignatureOptions.AddTimestampToken())
  • Added an option to allow all tables on each page to be on its own single sheet when converting from PDF to Excel using the StructuredOutput Module. (ExcelOutputOptions.SetPageSingleSheet())


  • [pdf] Added support for converting .log files to pdf in Convert.ToPdf(), Convert.StreamingPDFConversion() and Convert.UniversalConversion().
  • [pdf] Annots.FreeText.GetLineColor() now returns the standard border color when the non-standard entry does not exist. Previously only the non-standard entry would be used.
  • [pdf] Improved the logic for recovering corrupted object streams during PDF parsing.
  • [pdf] Added support for repairing corrupt PDF files that include bad content in between otherwise valid PDF objects. Previously loading these files could throw a "doc root not found" exception.
  • [java] Updated Iterator classes and Annot.BorderStyle to implement Autocloseable, allowing them to be used in try-with-resources blocks.
  • [xfdf] Added font subsetting for inline annotation appearances when exported to XFDF. This improvement minimizes the output file size.
  • [pdf] Fixed occasional unwanted line breaks introduced by subscript or superscript content during text extraction.
  • [pdfa] Adjusted conversion to PDF/A-1 to utilize flattening to avoid cases where image soft mask conversion would produce notable visual artifacts.
  • [cad] Added support for using embedded DWF fonts on Windows.
  • [cad] Now allow CAD to PDF font substitution to optionally draw from a provided RSC file. (refer to for details on how fonts are substituted).
  • [node.js] Added support for Node 22.
  • [node.js] Added support for electron versions 27-30.
  • [python] Added CAD module as a package to pip.


  • [image] Suppressed some error messages related to TIFF tags which were previously written to standard output.
  • [xfdf] Fixed an issue in XFDF/FDF import using PDFDoc.FDFUpdate() or PDFDoc.MergeXFDF(), occuring when the ink list sizes of an annotation were different from the original in the PDF. Previously this could cause an "Index out of range" exception or a failure to update the Ink annotation.
  • [.net] Fixed an unhandled exception crash that would occur in PDFViewWPF when the Open URL Dialog was used or PDFViewWPF.OpenURLAsync() was called.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue with SDFDoc.GetObj() on corrupt documents where the XRef table did not specify all objects. Previously using digital signature verification or calling methods like Obj.GetOffset() could result in a "can't be invoked on Obj of this type." exception.
  • [pdf] Added missing Objective-C APIs to support custom signing with the RSASSA-PSS algorithm.
  • [pdf] Fixed an undesirable vertical shift of text that could sometimes occur in FreeText annotation appearances on macOS ARM64. (Apple M1, M2, M3 CPUs)
  • [pdfa] When converting to PDF/A, now use the alternate color space if the icc color profile of an image is invalid or not supported. Previously the profile could trigger a "Not a valid ICC color profile" validation error for the output file.
  • [image] Fixed a potential crash due to stack overflow when attempting to convert a corrupt or improperly named image to PDF using Convert.StreamingPDFConversion() or Convert.UniversalConversion() with Filter input.
  • [image] Fixed an issue with TIFF to PDF conversion that could occur when the TIFF resolution units were not specified. Previously this could lead to huge PDF page dimensions that would be rejected by some PDF consumers.
  • [pdf] Fixed round artifacts that could occur in PDF rendering when the thin line scaling option was set to 6.0 or higher.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where inserting pages from one document to another could fail due to exceptions from processing corrupt logical structure.
  • [pdf] Fixed a rare issue with pdf processing where references to non-existent Type3 font characters and naming collisions could lead to a incorrect resources being used.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue with FreeText appearance generation where an empty rich-text style attribute "fontfamily" would cause the generated appearance to be blank.
  • [pdf] Fixed PDF rendering issues in overprint mode caused by incorrect handling of some blend modes when painting on top of spot color ink.
  • [pdf] Fixed a small memory leak when using AlgorithmIdentifier in the C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go and Objective-C versions of the SDK.
  • [pdf] Fixed text rendering in PDFDraw in very rare cases where there is an embedded OpenType/CFF font that is incorrectly missing a cmap table.
  • [pdf] Fixed the handling of Unicode characters in the headers of the comment summary for Print.StartPrintJob(). Previously non-ascii characters would be escaped using the hexadecimal Unicode value.
  • [cad] Fixed an issue with incorrect text justification when converting certain DXF files to PDF.

Office Fidelity:

  • [xls] Added support for images in headers and footers for XLS documents.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue with incorrectly limited header size when it is set to intersect the page.
  • [docx] External padding no longer causes floating objects to move.
  • [office] Fixed multiple minor chart rendering issues.
  • [docx] Avoided adding accessibility tags for decorative shapes.
  • [docx] Added support for "alt text" for drawings in accessibility tags of PDF output.
  • [docx] Fixed a bug where the first row of a table is repeated in the output during DOCX to DOCX templating.
  • [docx] Fixed a potential crash caused by repeated office template fills using HTML input.
  • [docx] Fixed issues with handling complex nested Word fields.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with incorrect default chart title size in some documents.
  • [office] Fixed an issue where the last category label was missing in some charts.
  • [office] Fixed incorrect application of default line chart series colors.
  • [pptx] Fixed incorrect default column spacing value.
  • [docx] Fixed positioning of vertically lowered inline shapes and vertically lowered and raised text.
  • [docx] Fixed rare crash with multiple sections in multi-column layout.
  • [docx] Fixed a potential infinite loop bug caused by a large row in a floating table.
  • [ppt] Fixed an issue where the bullet points and paragraphs were misaligned in PPT documents created by Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue where extra lines were incorrectly added after hidden paragraphs.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a rare issue where the cell borders would disappear when the text orientation was set to either 90 degrees or -90 degrees in Excel documents.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue where the hyphen in hyphenated words would move to the next line when the word is split across lines.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a rare issue where numbers that were rotated either 90 or 270 degrees would unexpectedly appear as the hash sign in Excel documents.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with unexpected characters displayed in math equations on non-Windows platforms.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with missing Symbol characters on non-Windows platforms.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue with incorrect placement of page breaks, leading to extra or missing empty pages.
  • [office] Improved font substitution for font families with the font weight included in the name.
  • [docx] Improved layout of floating elements (e.g. shapes and pictures) inside table cells.
  • [doc] Fixed an issue where table borders were missing when the default cell spacing value for the table was set in DOC files.
  • [xls] Improved the accuracy of the size and position for pictures and text in XLS documents.
  • [docx] Fixed a crash in documents with empty tables.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue where content in vertically merged table cells was placed on the wrong page.
  • [docx] Fixed incorrect column reference positions for floating elements in documents created by older Word versions.
  • [doc] Fixed an issue with incorrect page background color in DOC documents.
  • [docx] Improved handling of improperly formatted structured document tag content elements.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue resulting in some floating elements being placed outside of the page.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with incorrect size and alignment of chart titles.
  • [docx] Fixed a rare issue with font substitution, occurring when fonts are specified with inconsistent letter case.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue with text placement around footnotes. Lines of text near the bottom of a page with unplaceable footnotes are now moved to the next page.
  • [docx] Added support for soft hyphens.

Fixes and improvements for the Structured Output Module

  • [office] Fixed an issue on Linux and Mac where error messages were displayed as hexcodes instead of a description string.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing successful conversion of a file.
  • [docx] Fixed a chunk usage error preventing successful conversion of a file.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue which could prevent all text boxes located in front of graphic from being detected.
  • [pptx] Fixed an issue preventing a colored graph line from being rendered.
  • [office] Fixed and issue causing Arabic characters to be misordered.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the detection of a right table border.
  • [office] Fixed a glyph width issue causing illegible text output.
  • [docx] Fixed a bug detecting an extra tab after a bullet point.
  • [docx] Improved detection of parenthesis in right-to-left aligned text when the PDF characters are incorrectly encoded.
  • [docx] Improved detection of hanging indents for right-to-left aligned text.
  • [office] Improved detection of Latin characters within Arabic document.
  • [office] Improved detection of parenthesis in right-to-left aligned Arabic text.
  • [office] Improved alignment detection of right-to-left aligned Hebrew document.
  • [office] Improved detection of Arabic text when the PDF characters are incorrectly encoded.
  • [docx] Improved hybrid table cell detection.
  • [docx] Improved detection of custom numbered list.
  • [docx] Improved hybrid table row detection.
  • [docx] Implement custom metadata field support.
  • [docx] Improved hybrid table column detection.

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