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Version Changelog (April 29th, 2022)

  • Version:
  • Release Date: April 29th, 2022
  • Built with Xcode 13.3 (13E113)

iOS SDK Features

  • Signatures annotations can now be created by typing.

Typing a Signature Demo

  • FreeText annotations now support alignment (horizontal: left, right, centered, justified; vertical: top, centered, bottom).

FreeText Alignment Demo

  • The zoom value of a PDF can now be set and get relative to its physical size when printed (PTPDFViewCtrl property zoomWhenPrinted).
  • Notes can now be viewed and edited on text annotations viewed in reader (reflow) mode.
  • Improved font substitution on some files (correctly uses serif fonts in additional scenarios).

New APIs


  • Fixes an issue where image stamps could show grey instead of the image.
  • Fix where FreeText annotations imported via XFDF could be missing their appearance.
  • Fix where FreeText border width could be incorrect.
  • Ensures pages can be scrolled from under the toolbar after adding pages to a 1-page document.
  • Fixes a crash when editing callout annotations, and callout annotations again their associated text.
  • Scanned pages use lower-resolution images (in line with Apple's Files app), substantially reducing the file size.
  • Fixes text positioning issues when editing rotated FreeText annotations.
  • Fix for annotations not appearing in the annotation list during some navigation actions.
  • Improves performance for documents with very large outlines.
  • Date and spaced text style properties are now stored separately from those of FreeText annotations.
  • Fixes PTPage.thumbnail(withMaximumSize:)'s handling of page rotations & sizes.
  • Fix that prevents the colour picker moving up and down when unwanted on some iPhone devices.
  • Fixes an issue with positioning annotations on certain documents.
  • Fixes a crash when editing rich FreeText annotations created by certain PDF creators.
  • PTAnnotStyleViewController now uses the registered subclass in all instances.
  • Fixes an issue where an annotation's review state (accepted, rejected, etc.) would not always update as expected.
  • Fixes a memory leak when deallocating a PTDocumentController.
  • Text color is now included in rich text content XML.
  • Fixes an issue where an Apple Pencil would not be recognized in certain situations.

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