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Java / Changelog / Latest (v10.8)

Version 10.8.0 Changelog (March 20th, 2024)

New In This Release

Version 10.8 is primarily a bugfix release.

New Digital Signature Utilities

  • Added a method to sign the digest of any arbitrary data with the private key provided in a PKCS #12 key file. This provides an effective way of validating custom signing logic. (DigestAlgorithm.SignDigest())
  • Introduced a new Digital Signature logging option, which should help with debugging more complex signing issues. (DigitalSignatureField.SetDigSigLogFilename())

New Options

  • Added an option to disable PDF structure tag output when converting from office to PDF. Disabling tagging can result in much smaller output file size, particularly for large tables. (OfficeToPDFOptions.SetStructureTagLevel()).


  • [.net] Added support for .NET 7 and 8.
  • [image] Added a version of Convert.ToTiff that accepts an output stream, allowing for fully in-memory conversion.
  • [cad] Updated CAD module binaries to use ODA version 25.1.
  • [pdfa] When converting to PDF/A, any previously valid and supported XMP metadata entries are now retained.
  • [pdf] Improved the snapping precision for GeometryCollection.SnapToNearest.
  • [pdf] Improved support for corrupt documents with unpaired key-value dictionary entries.
  • [cad] Adjusted CAD layer conversion output to turn off children layers when the parent is off.
  • [node.js] Improved error handling for a number of constructors that are not intended for direct use in Node.js. These will now throw a clear error when used.
  • [cad] Adjusted DGN to PDF to map a number of symbols to Unicode so they can be substituted in the case where the expected font resource is not present.
  • [cad] Provided a new default symbol font to improve substitution for common CAD symbol font resources.
  • [pdf] Improved support for repairing corrupt PDF files that contain streams missing the endobj operator.
  • [pdf] Improved Text Extraction word ordering for cases where text patterns inside PDF are not in reading order.
  • [pdf] Adjusted annotation cloudy border appearance generation to more closely match WebViewer and other PDF viewers.
  • [node.js] Added missing function Obj.getRawBuffer() to Node.js bindings.
  • [pdf] Significant accuracy improvements to the FormKeyValue data extraction engine.


  • [pdf] Fixed an issue with appearance generation where a pre-existing rotation on appearances could sometimes impact future appearance generation.
  • [all] Fixed an issue with PDFNet.AddFontSubst() where it could crash in rare cases due to a missing font family name.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue specific to Ruby where the Data Extraction Module could error out due to interrupts when extracting form fields.
  • [html] Fixed an issue where the legacy HTML2PDF module could not be found when the file path rather than the directory path was specified.
  • [xfdf] Fixed a rare crash when exporting empty stamp appearances to XFDF.
  • [pdf] Added support for Unicode strings in push button captions. Previously only ascii strings would work as expected.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where OCG Group.SetLocked() could incorrectly throw "Index is out of range" exceptions.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where corrupt files with missing font descriptors could cause the document to be unexpectedly modified.
  • [node.js] Fixed function Obj.getBuffer() for Node.js so that it properly returns a byte array.
  • [node.js] Fixed an error that would occur when loading the TypeScript binding.
  • [pdfa] Fixed an issue converting to PDF/A-1 corrupt image masks that include a colorspace. Previously the output could cause errors in other PDF consumers.

PDF to Office Fidelity:

Fixes and improvements for the Structured Output Module

  • [docx] Improved detection of bold font styles on specific documents.
  • [docx] Resolved a page count issue on macOS.
  • [docx] Improved detection of the small caps font style effect.
  • [office] Improved whitespace detection between Arabic words.
  • [docx] Improved header and footer detection targeting one-page documents with a horizontal line below body content.
  • [docx] Improved detection of tables that overlap with body content.
  • [docx] Improved detection of word order with right-to-left aligned text.
  • [docx] Improved detection of Arabic characters when the text layer does not match the character glyphs.
  • [office] A limited number of third-party libraries have been updated to include the latest security fixes.

Office Fidelity:

  • [xls] Improved color resolution for XLS documents.
  • [xlsx] Added implementation for the COUNTBLANK Excel function.
  • [docx] Fixed a rare crash caused by placing inline text boxes inside framed paragraphs.
  • [xlsx] Fixed incorrect default page margins in malformed Excel documents.
  • [xlsx] Reduced peak memory usage of XLSX conversions.
  • [xlsx] Adjusted horizontal cell padding in Excel documents to the exact value used by Excel.
  • [docx] Text background color is now correctly applied to list items.
  • [docx] Fixed issues with table of contents generation in non-English documents.
  • [docx] Implemented proper handling of list number spacing in some legacy Word documents.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a crash when a print area splits a merged cell in an Excel document.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue with showing the incorrect number of pages in Excel documents.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue with text formatting not applying to text cells.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a rare issue with missing cell borders in Excel documents.
  • [docx] Improved handling of footnotes near end of a page.
  • [office] Significantly improved chart rendering code, which corrects multiple cases of incorrectly placed elements.
  • [doc] Improved support for change tracking for legacy .doc files.
  • [docx] Added support for footnote and endnote references with custom marks.
  • [docx] Improved paragraph spacing for the first paragraph on a page.
  • [docx] Improved line height calculation for documents with grid spacing.
  • [doc] Fixed an issue where the extra table borders were displayed.
  • [office] Improved visual appearance and corrected size of inline n-ary (e.g. sum) math elements.
  • [pptx] Fixed an issue where brace shapes were converted to random lines.
  • [office] Improved vertical layout of superscript math elements.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue where rotated images were placed in incorrect positions.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing a numbered paragraph to have incorrect indentation.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with missing math equations due to the presence of tracked changes in them.
  • [office] Fixed multiple issues with incorrect font selection.
  • [office] Improved the visual appearance of the "small caps" font style to match Word.
  • [docx] Fixed incorrect numbering of letter-based list numbers after 'z'.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a rare issue where the print area of a sheet was applied to another sheet instead.
  • [office] Improved visual result of the luminance adjustment effect on images.
  • [xls] Fixed a rare case of infinite conversion of legacy XLS files.
  • [xlsx] Added support for fallback images for OLE objects in Excel (when available).
  • [office] Fixed multiple small WMF image conversion issues.
  • [docs] Fixed incorrect line spacing for some East Asian fonts.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue where some custom font styles were not applied to Excel cells.

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