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Guides for Node.js PDF library

The Apryse SDK is a comprehensive cross-platform PDF and Office SDK that allows you to write stand-alone, cross-platform and reliable commercial applications.

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New to Apryse SDK?

After you checked out the samples, gone through get started, here are some next step features.

Basics operations
Basic operations include saving, loading, or multithreaded locking of a document.

Markup and comment on documents without changing the documents original content.

Read, write, or edit forms using FDF (forms data format) or XFDF (XML FDF).

More functionality

There is much more features to explore and here are just a few to look at next.

MS Office
Convert MS office documents without any external third party software.

Extract data such as text, images, fonts, metadata, and more from a document.

Find text within the contents of a document.

Specialized topics

Come here looking for something more specific? Here are some more features.

Digital Signature
Secure a document with a signing fingerprint between sender and receiver.

Permanently remove (and not just obscure) sensitive content.

Convert generic PDFs to PDF/A or validate existing PDF/A documents.

Page Manipulation
Add, remove, rotate, reorder, split, or crop pages of a document.

Editing Page Content
Read, write, edit, or replace page content in a document.

Link to sections or pages in a document for easier navigation.


We also have some advanced document processing features.

Reduce file size, remove redundant information, and compress data in a document.

Secure a document with user authorization and permissions on a document.

Groups of content that can be selectively made hidden or extracted.

A dynamic file with a range of different file types assembled to an integrated PDF.

Low-level PDF API
Completely customize a PDF document.

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