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Ruby / Changelog / Latest (v10.4)

Version 10.4.0 Changelog (September 13th, 2023)

New In This Release

Version 10.4 is primarily a bugfix release.

New Options

  • Added an option for PDF/A-1 conversion to enable flattening of transparency and to control the flattening resolution. (PDFAOptions.SetFlattenTransparency(), PDFAOptions.SetDPI() and PDFACompliance constructor with PDFAOptions argument)

Changed Behaviour:

  • PDFDoc.flattenAnnotations() on Java with no parameters will now flatten all annotations rather than just form fields. This behaviour should now match other languages.


  • [ocr] IRIS OCR module is now available for MacOS.
  • [html] Fixed an issue where temporary files could be left over after HTML2PDF conversion within an AWS lambda.
  • [xfdf] Added support for Widget annotations in the version of PDFDoc.FDFExtract() that takes a list of annotations.
  • [pdf] Adjusted rendering to better handle corrupt OCG entries, by skipping them rather than throwing an exception.
  • [pdf] Added support for retaining separations used within tiling patterns during rendering.
  • [pdf] Adjusted Filter.SetStreamData() to work in Python, PHP and Ruby.
  • [pdf] Added support for detecting invalid stream lengths, which allows the SDK to repair more streams. On certain corrupt files this can lead to displaying more page content.


  • [.net] Fixed an issue where ByteRange GetStartOffset() and GetEndOffset() would throws exceptions on .Net Core/Standard/5/6.
  • [pdf] Fixed issues in Flattener that could lead to unused graphics state items like ColorSpaces and Patterns being included only in the content stream. This could lead to errors when viewing these files in certain viewers.
  • [pdf] Fixed some minor issues in calculation of the TextSearch ambient string.
  • [xfdf] Fixed issues caused by empty field names in XFDF export. These are now excluded in line with other PDF consumers.
  • [cad] Added support for transparent elements in DGN to PDF conversion.
  • [pdfa] Fixed issue with PDF/A-1 conversion where, in rare situations, adjustments to transparent text could impact subsequent text.
  • [xod] Fixed an issue where bookmarks with no action could be skipped in ToXod conversion.
  • [pdf] Fixed issues with handling of Type3 fonts in PDF/A-1 conversion.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue with appearance creation of freetext callout annotations where the rectangle size would be incorrect in specific cases.
  • [java] Fixed issue with PDFDoc.flattenAnnotations() on Java where the version with no parameters would flatten only form fields. This was not the intended behaviour and different than all other languages.

Office Fidelity:

  • [docx] Improved handling of continuous section breaks in Word documents with varying page sizes.
  • [xls] Added Excel table style support for XLS format.
  • [xlsx] Implemented ADDRESS, PERCENTILE, PERCENTILE.EXC, and PERCENTILE.INC Excel functions.
  • [ppt] Resolved issues in PPT to PDF conversion ensuring correct text size, color, position, and bullet list display.
  • [office] Improved handling of improperly formatted list levels in OOXML documents.
  • [ppt] Added support for images with the color change effect in PPT documents.
  • [ppt] Corrected an issue causing missing text during PPT conversions.
  • [docx] Enhanced template filling for markdown within tables, ensuring styles like bold, italic, and color are retained as intended.
  • [docx] Introduced SVG image support in office documents, enhancing templating capabilities.
  • [docx] Fixed a rare issue with missing hyperlinks in Word documents.
  • [docx] Implemented handling of repeating sections in Structured Document Tags, ensuring accurate data binding and content retrieval for varying table row scenarios.
  • [docx] Fixed a potential crash in Word field processing.
  • [docx] Added support for Word documents containing multiple headers of the same type in a single section.
  • [docx] Resolved a template issue causing a crash in nested loops.
  • [docx] Corrected a bug affecting template table styling where certain borders were incorrectly overridden.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue with incorrect cell background color by accurately recognizing and applying the "System Background" color.
  • [pptx] Resolved an issue in OOXML where placeholders with a specific index were incorrectly mapped.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue with application of a column break on a page with a single column.
  • [office] Added support for individual data label colors in charts.
  • [pptx] Enhanced appearance of elements with pattern fill by using the pattern color as a foreground color.
  • [office] Disabled image interpolation in the output PDF to match MS Office behavior.
  • [docx] Added an equal(a, b) function to the template language for better string and boolean comparisons.
  • [docx] Integrated string literals into the template language, recognizable by ' or ".
  • [xlsx] Expanded font resource document support to include Excel, complementing its existing compatibility with Word and PowerPoint.

PDF to Office Fidelity:

Fixes and improvements for the Structured Output Module

  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing an unnecessary table row merge.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing conversion on unix-based systems for files with long file paths.
  • [docx] Improved scanned page detection to adjust when OCR is enabled.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue interfering with the character placement of certain type 3 font characters.
  • [html] Fixed an issue stopping a bold font style from being applied.
  • [office] Enabled the loading of the freetype cmap table to ensure correct character detection.
  • [html] Fixed an issue resulting in the loss of the background color of a textbox.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue resulting in inconsistent OCR of similar scanned pages.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue disrupting the font style assigned to a list indent.
  • [pptx] Fixed unnecessary slide rotation.
  • [docx] Improved bordered table detection of scanned documents.
  • [docx] Improved header detection.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue preventing conversion of a specific pdf on macOS only.
  • [office] Enabled support for relative path file links in conversion output.
  • [docx] Fixed a memory leak.
  • [docx] Improved detection of underline style when the graphic line partially crosses a character.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue causing a conversion error on certain Windows 7 machines.
  • [docx] Improved header detection when the body contains a repeated table header.
  • [html] Improved text placement in text boxes.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue resulting in the last character in a text box being clipped.
  • [pptx] Improved missing slide auto-rotation.
  • [docx] Improved detection of hyperlinks.
  • [docx] Improved borderless table detection.
  • [docx] Improved footer detection.

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