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Version 10.1.1 Changelog (2023-06-02)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue where Document#getFilename() returns empty string for loading non-pdf file with loadAsPDF: true
  • Fixed issue where RubberStampCreateTool.STAMPS_UPDATED event only fired one stamp
  • Fixed an issue with TextWidgetAnnotation when MULTILINE and DO_NOT_SCROLL flags are enabled where a scrollbar still appears
  • Fixed issue where signature widgets would appear unsigned after being downloaded or imported even though they were signed with signature annotations
  • Fixed issue where a trial key warning would be shown when loading a XOD file

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where SVG reply attachment is not sanitized
  • Fixed issue where SYNC_UNMATCHED scroll syncing for MulitViewerMode when page counts are radically different on both sides
  • Fixed issue where there was still color on DWG greyscale documents
  • Fixed issue where fields can be created with a blank name when using the form builder
  • Fixed issue where the note content would be automatically formatted as a list when entering bullet points
  • Fixed issue with Compare panel displaying no results even when changes have been made
  • Fixed issue where comment status is not shown when collapsed

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