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Version 10.4.0 Changelog (2023-09-13)

WebViewer Core


  • Added new Portfolio feature which is enabled by default. Learn more about it here !
  • Added new snipping tool that cuts out an area for saving.
  • Added cloudy border to FreeText and Callout Annotations.
  • Added setSelectedListPreset API for setting list style in Office Editor and a number of OfficeEditorListStylePresetsto use.
  • Added API for getting text attributes applied onto the entire content box.
  • Added a new API updateCustomHeaders for updating the custom HTTP headers for requests to PDF files on the fly.


  • Improved rendering performance of transparent rectangles and ellipses (without cloudy border).
  • Fixed an issue where event textContentUpdated isn't triggering in PDF text edit mode.
  • Fixed issue where event pagesUpdated triggers even if there are no edits made to a text box in PDF text edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the return type of API isInContentEditMode in the JSDocs gives void instead of boolean.
  • Fixed an issue where the document could freeze when switching documents in WebViewer Server with FullAPI mode enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where ContentBoxEditor.getTextAttributes does not return mixed text attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where event textContentUpdated sometimes returns a differently formatted HTML string.
  • Fixed an issue where search and replace sometimes doesn't work.
  • Fixed an advanced diff sample PDFNet error.
  • Fixed an issue where fonts would incorrectly be overwritten
  • Fixed an issue where formatted data was not being cleared correctly in forms, resulting in incorrect data being shown when downloading the file or exporting the XFDF.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting annotations with the options fields: true or widgets: true was ignoring the annotationList if it is also included.
  • Fixed an issue where rotating pages during text edit mode would break text editing.
  • Fixed radio buttons not working as intended when there is an appearance.
  • Fixed margin and padding style issues of pageSection and pageContainer elements of the Virtual list for pages
  • Fixed issue where text in fields is cut off with auto font size
  • Fixed issue where PDF Edit Content Boxes could not be interacted with when on top of large images.
  • Fixed an issue on the returning of the cropApplied event for the Crop tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the text is not aligned correctly after blurring from the input in combo field.
  • Fixed several issues when PDF Editing with a rotated page.
  • Fixed issue where copy-pasting a measurement ellipse annotation would cause the caption to disappear.
  • Fixed issue where current page would jump to the incorrect page when inserting a blank page.
  • Fixed issue where the Text Attributes from a Content Box were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the overlay text in Redaction annotations would not render correctly after adding a comment to the annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading files from File Attachment Annotations could use the path of the file as its default file name instead of its actual name.
  • Fixed an issue that opacity is not applied when setting TextColor for FreeText annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where Polyline Annotations were not changing stroke styles.
  • Fixed an issue with flattening password protected files.
  • Fixed an issue where the FreeText annotation was not correctly centered when aligned vertically.
  • Fixed an issue of the page scrolling to the top when scrolling with a FreeText annotation focused.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an error to be printed to the console when dragging annotations across pages.

WebViewer UI


  • Added a url protocol check for link modal on annotations.
  • Disabled syncing of annotation styles across all measurement tools.
  • Added Increase/Decrease Indent tool buttons for Office Editor.
  • Added a new stateful button class for use in the header.
  • Added ability to add clickMiddleware to be triggered when clicking any item, without changing the onclick behavior.
  • Added ability to allow comparing of WebViewerServer documents with forceClientSideInit flag in the constructor.
  • Updated the default behavior to display all bookmarks, even if they include an unsupported action.
  • Added missing data elememts for stamp overlay and the capability to disable the add new custom stamp button as well as the delete custom stamp button, createCustomStampButton and deleteCustomStampButton respectively.
  • Added a new enableMeasurementAnnotationFilter API to allow users to filter by measurement annotation type in the notes panel filter modal. This API is disabled by default.


  • Re-Added the insert and replace text tools.
  • Fixed the parameter passed to deleteAnnotations when deleting an annotation in the right panel.
  • Fixed issue with flickering form field indicators.
  • Fixed dataElement for "noteState".
  • Fixed styling issue with Office Editor tool header overflow container.
  • Fixed issue where slider events did not save annotation style options.
  • Fixed the file attachments for replies in the Notes Panel
  • Fixed additional padding to initial auto freetext.
  • Fixed an issue where the mention was not being created if it was coming from a pending comment.
  • Fixed issue where font size dropdown menu of the FreeTextAnnotation couldn't be opened on an iPad.
  • Fixed issue where Thumbnail Panel multi-select mode was not disabling after loading a new document.
  • Fixed issue where the Save Modal would not always close after the Save File button was pressed.
  • Fixed issue with Page Number overlay showing no page number after toggling off compare mode.
  • Fixed an issue where full paths were showing as file names in the File Attachment Panel.
  • Fixed issue where in Filter modal the 'Clear all' button does not clear the 'Filter document and comments panel' option.
  • Fixed paragraph line height not updating in dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue with the recognition of URLs in PDF files.
  • Fixed a tooltip and translation issue in the URL security warning.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scale overlay dropdown does not match dark mode UI.

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