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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v2.0


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 2.0.0 Changelog (2015-04-20)

Breaking Changes

  • To better match existing JavaScript style guidelines, all API functions now start with a lowercase letter

WebViewer HTML5 Updates

  • Added support for viewing PDF documents directly without converting to XOD! Learn more in the Get started tutorial.
  • New versions of PDFNet, DocPub and PWS will create smaller XOD files because of optimizations in the text representation
  • Added a new panel to display annotation notes and replies relative to their page position. The panel also allows searching through notes and ordering by time.
  • Added an advanced annotation editing menu that appears above the annotation when clicking on it
  • Added a customizable signature tool
  • Annotations can now be selected by tapping on them from any tool (except ones that use tapping e.g. Polygon)
  • Removed the annotation panel from the left side and moved the annotation tools to the top toolbar
  • Each annotation tool now has their own default properties. When an annotation is edited this automatically changes the default properties of the corresponding annotation tool
  • Added proper support for displaying documents with blend modes
  • Added support for the Hidden flag on annotations and added functions to hide and show annotations
  • Added support for column selection with all text tools when holding down the alt key while selecting text
  • Added support for viewport rendering of page canvases when zoomed in to a certain level. This allows for much better performance and quality and viewing large XOD documents (e.g. CAD files)
  • Added support for new browser font loading API
  • Added support for rotation property on widgets, this includes rotating the widgets when pages are rotated
  • Added support for button widgets to have an automatically calculated font size
  • Added DocumentViewer.setInternalAnnotationsTransform to allow the internal annotations to be transformed or replaced much more easily
  • Added a right-click menu to allow quick switching between annotation tools
  • Added a Text Squiggly annotation tool
  • Added an Arrow annotation tool
  • Added support for changing a FreeText annotation's text color and font size
  • Added support for the shift + enter shortcut to search backwards
  • Allow setting of the default fit mode, display mode and zoom level for DocumentViewer
  • Page rendering now always takes priority over thumbnail rendering from the thumbnail panel
  • Added support for auto font size for FreeText annotations
  • Updated Document.loadThumbnailAsync to return an id which can be cancelled with cancelLoadThumbnail
  • Modified ReaderControl so that it keeps only one instance of each tool and Get/SetToolMode should take an instance instead of a type
  • Improved text annotation word wrapping to handle wrapping of long words that span more than one line
  • Added the beforeDocumentLoaded event to DocumentViewer that occurs before the document data has been initialized in the viewer
  • Upgraded to jQuery UI 1.11.1
  • Added a gulpfile that can be run to optionally optimize the WebViewer assets
  • Documents loaded from blob urls through WebViewer.js are now supported
  • Changed the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the document instead of change pages, unless at the end of a page
  • Modified ReaderControl and MobileReaderControl to inherit from a BaseReaderControl
  • Modified ReaderControl's loadDocument function to take an options object as the second parameter
  • The full text search box is now focused automatically when switching to the search tab
  • Free Hand annotations are not simplified by default when drawing with a stylus
  • Updated FreeText annotations to increase their stroke size inwards
  • The FreeText textarea is now automatically selected after creating the annotation
  • More precise selection is now used for line annotations, even when selected
  • More precise selection is now used for callout annotations
  • If there is an error deserializing an annotation then annotation parsing won't fail for the rest of the XFDF
  • Added an externalPath option to WebViewer.js to load unpacked XOD files
  • Fixed issue where annotations exported from WebViewer and merged into a PDF would not be displayed when printing the PDF
  • Fixed issue where nested field values weren't exported correctly
  • Fixed issue where text selected on multiple pages wouldn't be copied correctly
  • Fixed issue when attempting to create a FreeText annotation in an invalid location
  • Fixed issue where the quads of a text annotation could be set to an empty array
  • The annotationFiltered event now passes the annotations as an array instead of individually
  • Fixed issue with displaying dashed lines with a very small dash size

WebViewer Mobile Updates

  • Added an advanced annotation editing menu to change all annotation properties and allows the selection of many more colors
  • Added a quick menu for creating annotations when performing a taphold on a page
  • Upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.4.4
  • Added workaround for IE to avoid adding duplicate Free Hand annotation points
  • Removed the MobileStickyCreateTool, the StickyCreateTool is now used on mobile devices
  • Added workaround for submitting page numbers in Android

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