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Version 2.1 Changelog (2015-11-12)

Potential Breaking Changes

  • AnnotationManager.getAnnotationsList will now include links and widgets in the list. To just see "listable" annotations you can filter by the Listable property. e.g. annotManager.getAnnotationsList().filter(function(annot) { return annot.Listable; })

PDFNetJS Updates

  • Added a full version of PDFNetJS with most of the PDFNet API functions. The version of PDFNetJS that allows support for basic viewer operations is now called PDFNetJS lean
  • Added support for font substitution
  • Added support for viewing layers in a PDF document; see the layers sample for more information
  • Added support for insertPages, insertBlankPage, removePages, rotatePages and cropPages functions on a PDF document
  • Added support for loading jpg and png images in the viewer
  • Added the option to allow the use of Emscripten while PNaCl is compiling
  • Detect if PNaCl is disabled or not working and fall back to using Emscripten
  • Parse the file name of a document where possible and use it as the download name
  • Added ExternalPDFPartRetriever and LocalPDFPartRetriever for loading PDF documents
  • Added functions on CoreControls for working with PDF documents and workers; preloadPDFWorker, getCurrentBackendType, getDefaultPdfBackendType, initPDFWorkerTransports, resetWorker
  • Added Document.getViewerCoordinates to convert PDF coordinates to coordinates used by the viewer
  • Added a "finishedSavingPDF" event that's fired when the document is finished downloading
  • Added option to pass worker transport promise into DocumentViewer.loadAsync or PDFReaderControl.loadDocument as part of the options parameter

WebViewer HTML5 Updates

  • Greatly improved support for actions on form fields, e.g. calculate, validate
  • Support for execution of JavaScript code embedded in PDF documents
  • APIs added for programmatically manipulating fields and actions
  • Added control handles to modify a text selection
  • Added support for the rotation property on FreeText annotations
  • Change so that if a page is rotated then any signatures and FreeText annotations will be horizontal relative to the current view
  • Added a menu that appears above a text selection, allowing copying of text or turning the selection into text annotations
  • Added tutorials about custom stamps, overriding tool functions and custom annotations
  • The left side panel can now be resized and collapsed
  • Added the ctrl + p shortcut to trigger printing
  • Updated options and improved display of information on the print dialog
  • Performance improvements when notes panel is closed and there are many annotations
  • Saving/Loading of tool data and the side panel state are saved in a user preferences object
  • Added better support for text annotations on rotated text
  • Update so that versions of IE that support Arraybuffer will use it for loading XOD documents
  • Added DocumentViewer.zoomToMouse function to zoom in, centered on the mouse position
  • Added support for Zip64 files, handles XOD files with more than 65536 entries
  • Added German translations
  • Allow multiple custom stylesheets to be added through ReaderControl.config.customStyle
  • Allow clicking of "tel" links
  • Fixed issue where pasting into a note didn't update the size of the textarea
  • Fixed issue where individual parts inside a XOD document were limited to 40MB
  • Minor UI fixes to the signature dialog
  • Added i18n data for notes panel title attributes
  • Fixed issue that occurs in some documents with a GoTo action dest of FitR
  • Fixed issue where the StreamingPartRetriever didn't work when downloading a file for offline mode
  • Fixed issue where signature widgets weren't positioned correctly on pages that had been rotated in the original PDF
  • Fixed issue where annotations with the same id but on different pages weren't being displayed

WebViewer Mobile Updates

  • Added support for printing
  • Automatically use the mobile viewer if the Edge browser is being viewed in tablet mode

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