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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 2.2.0 Changelog (2016-04-11)

Breaking Changes

  • To allow for more efficient rendering, the way DocumentViewer calls DisplayMode has changed. Those using custom display modes will need to change their code so that instead of directly extending DisplayMode they pass all their custom functions as an object to DisplayMode.setCustomFunctions, which will ensure backward compatibility of their custom layout code. See the horizontal viewer sample for an example.

Potential Breaking Changes

  • When incremental download is in operation, custom XFDF files that are loaded on the documentLoaded event may subsequently be deleted and replaced with annotations from the PDF file. This can be avoided by passing {useDownloader: false} to WebViewer, as is done in the Hide/Show annotations sample.

PDFNetJS Updates

  • Added incremental download support, so large linearized documents can be opened without needing to download the whole file.
  • Added Document.requestPage so incremental download can be used in conjunction with PDFNetJS.
  • Added document locking to PDFNetJS samples.
  • Added support for IE10
  • Added samples for document redaction, including an implementation using the viewer.
  • Added generator support detection for browsers that have present, but incomplete implementations.
  • Improved sample documentation and commenting.
  • Added a workerTransportPromise option to WebViewer.js
  • Added a CoreControls.isDemoMode function to check if the viewer is in demo mode
  • Fixed a bug in Matrix2D.Mult
  • Fixed a timing issue where the license might not be applied correctly

WebViewer HTML5 Updates

  • Added support for rightToLeft page display using DocumentViewer.setRightToLeftPages
  • Optimised layout and rendering stages of the viewer to run and re-render stably as an underlying PDF document changes.
  • Added a cloud polygon annotation tool
  • Improved streaming mode behavior and performance on XOD documents, especially in Internet Explorer
  • Added a hideAnnotationPanel option to WebViewer.js
  • Added back and forward buttons to navigate between recently jumped to pages (set showPageHistoryButtons: false from the WebViewer constructor to disable)
  • Updated text annotation tools so that the note content is automatically set to the selected text (this can be controlled by setting Tools.TextAnnotationCreateTool.AUTO_SET_TEXT
  • Improved performance when rendering FreeText annotations with a lot of text
  • Added basic support to the desktop viewer for touchscreen devices
  • Allow the default browser right-click menu to be displayed inside input fields
  • ixed issue with IE11 loading documents through xdomain
  • Fixed issue with annotation positions when printing pages with a larger width than height
  • Fixed issue with keys on the keypad not being saved in form fields in IE and Edge
  • Fixed issue where input fields with a maximum length were truncating the text after they lost focus instead of before
  • Fixed a display issue with FreeHand annotations that had overlapping paths and the opacity was less than 100%
  • Fixed choice form widgets that used automatic font sizing not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an error where PDFs would be corrupted by the viewer if they contained radio buttons/checkboxes whose on state was not 'Yes'.
  • Fixed an issue with local storage not working in offline mode.
  • Fixed the incorrect loading of text selection information from old XOD files.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues between WebViewer's XFDF output and other XFDF processors.
  • Fixed a bug in form field actions where calculations would show results the next time a field was changed instead of immediately.
  • Fixed form fields not registering having their contents being deleted.
  • Fixed missing implementation of the NoView flag on form field widgets.
  • Fixed some incompatibilities between WebViewer's interpretation of FreeText font sizes and stroke widths compared to other viewers.
  • Fixed incorrect export of external link URLs in XFDF.
  • Fixed issue with certain top positions in a FitH GoTo action.
  • Fixed issue with cutting text out of a form field it would return after you unfocused the field
  • Fixed issue with streaming mode in IE10
  • Fixed issues with the page up and down keys

WebViewer Mobile Updates

  • Added support for right to left page display
  • Added support for cover mode by calling readerControl.setLayoutMode(window.CoreControls.DisplayModes.Cover)
  • Fixed issue with double tap zooming on Chromebooks

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