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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v2.2.1


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 2.2.1 Changelog (2016-09-06)

PDFNetJS Updates

  • Added improved printing support in Chrome, taking advantage of native printing capability when available
  • Added the extractXFDF function on the Document object
  • Added ElementBuilderTest and simplified FDFTest PDFNet samples in the full version of PDFNetJS
  • Reduced memory footprint of a number of PDFNetJS API calls
  • Fixed errors when using Document.rotatePages and Document.removePages while viewing the document
  • Fixed issue where FreeHand annotations wouldn't be part of the downloaded PDF if created just before pressing the download button

WebViewer HTML5 Updates

  • Several improvements and fixes to embedded JavaScript handling
  • Added an "annotList" option to the exportAnnotations function, allowing you to retrieve the XFDF data for specific annotations
  • Added setSubmitFormActionCallback on AnnotationManager to allow custom handling of form submit actions
  • Added fieldChanged event on AnnotationManager to notify when a field's value has changed
  • Added support for the page up and down keys in the viewer
  • Added support for passing the viewer background color as an option to WebViewer.js
  • Added support for the flag that disables scrolling on fields
  • Improved performance when rendering FreeText annotations with lots of text
  • The default browser context menu is no longer overridden when right-clicking in an input box
  • Added support for readonly checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Added support for importing field values from AnnotationManager's importAnnotCommand function
  • The Annotation edit menu buttons can now be modified programmatically from a config file
  • Annotations are now deselected when clicking on the area in the viewer outside of page boundaries
  • Added the refreshTextData function on Document when the text data needs to be refreshed (e.g. after redacting text with PDFNetJS)
  • Fixed issue where editable dropdown fields weren't able to be edited
  • Fixed issue with running out of memory when searching large documents
  • Fixed issue with passing "filesystem" urls to WebViewer
  • Fixed issue with auto font sizing of multiline fields
  • Fixed issue with loading XOD documents that contained fields with page actions
  • Fixed issue with how custom decryption functions are handled
  • Fixed issue where the zoom fit mode wouldn't recenter the page vertically when resizing
  • Fixed issue with the pageComplete event not being fired in all cases
  • Fixed issue with annotations not being aligned correctly when printing rotated documents
  • Fixed issue with landscape pages not being printed correctly for XOD documents
  • Fixed issue where programmatically updating a field to an empty value didn't work
  • Fixed issue where documents with the file protocol weren't able to be loaded
  • Fixed issue where unlistable annotations could show up in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue with the hideControlbar option in ReaderControlConfig
  • Fixed issue with using the annotation multiselect tool

WebViewer Mobile Updates

  • Fixed issue with zooming into the first page of a document when right to left pages and cover mode are both enabled
  • Fixed issues with loading documents when using Cordova
  • Fixed issue with some pages not rendering when cover mode is enabled and the device is in portrait mode
  • Fixed issue with going to the last page of a document in cover mode
  • Fixed issue with double tapping on Android devices

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