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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v2.2.2


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 2.2.2 Changelog (2017-02-08)

PDFNetJS Updates

  • Added an option to use the PNaCl subzero compiler for fast worker loading
  • Added functions to get/set the resource and worker paths
  • Added support for custom headers
  • Added digital signature support in the full build
  • Fixed issues with downloader and externally imported annotations
  • Fixed a timing issue where pages could be shown with the incorrect size when downloader was enabled
  • Fixed issue with stamp quality loss when saving and reloading a document
  • Fixed issue with incorrect stamp annotation scaling
  • Fixed issue where annotations wouldn't be removed from notes panel when removing a page
  • Fixed issue where page move operations were not working
  • Fixed issue with password protected files when downloader is enabled
  • Fixed issue when importing a large amount of XFDF data and Emscripten is being used

WebViewer HTML5 Updates

  • Added a function to disable the execution of embedded JavaScript
  • Added a function to control the usable width of a text input when "scroll long text" is disabled
  • Added the addField function on FieldManager allowing you to programmatically add fields
  • Improved display of "comb" text fields
  • Improved handling of text modifications in form fields so that they can be changed through spellcheck or suggested words
  • Added support for "userName" attribute of a field when it's set dynamically
  • Improved the implementation of app.alert in embedded JavaScript to handle yes/no and ok/cancel dialogs
  • Updated offline mode so that encrypted documents have their parts stored encrypted in the offline database
  • Fixed issue where sticky note annotations were not always being displayed upright relative to the viewer
  • Fixed issue where the last letter typed would be removed from a field if there was a keystroke action that set the focus on another field
  • Fixed issue with handling dates from different timezones in XFDF
  • Fixed issue with field values not being loaded in some cases
  • Fixed issue where calls to setFocus on a field could cause issues with field blur events
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect form submit action format being used in some cases
  • Fixed issue with exporting callout annotations to XFDF
  • Fixed issue where a polygon wouldn't be shown as a cloud if only the "style=cloudy" property was set in the XFDF
  • Fixed issue where the start and end styles of a polyline would be lost when exporting XFDF
  • Fixed issue where the default signature would be added in the wrong orientation in some situations
  • Fixed timing issue where CoreControls might not be defined in the WebViewer iframe yet when accessing from WebViewer.js
  • Requests with HttpPartRetriever are now retried once when they fail which works around an issue in Chrome when cache hinting is disabled
  • If "scroll long text" is disabled then always allow removing text even if the size of the text is over the limit
  • Fixed issue with the max length setting on fields not properly being respected
  • Fixed issue with error handling in StreamingPartRetriever
  • Fixed issue with cursor not changing to a pointer when hovering over checkboxes in IE

WebViewer Mobile Updates

  • Fixed issue with double tap to zoom in IE and Edge

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