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Version 3.1.0 Changelog (2017-12-12)

New strings

  • sidepanel.searchTab.wildCardMode, sidepanel.searchTab.searching
  • password.enter, password.incorrect, password.ok, password.cancel

PDFNetJS updates

  • Added a WebAssembly based worker. This should improve viewer performance on Firefox and Safari in addition to being central to the new mobile support.
  • Added brotli and gzip compression for worker files to allow for a faster download
  • Added a PDF page operations sample
  • Added an Office to PDF conversion sample
  • Various performance improvements for loading documents
  • Added support for text annotation repositioning on Office documents
  • Added support for viewing of documents when the WebViewer library is on a separate server from the web application
  • Added support for hyperlinks in Office documents
  • Fixed a number of page cancellation issues with Office documents
  • Fixed a number of API issues when loading documents using downloader
  • Fixed issues with downloading Office documents before they were completely loaded

WebViewer HTML5 updates

  • Added support for streaming page thumbnails ahead of the pages themselves for XOD documents
  • Added a sample showing how to integrate WebViewer into an Angular project
  • Added support for displaying multiple search results at once. The search result colors can now be customized by using docViewer.setSearchHighlightColors
  • Added the annotationsLoaded event to DocumentViewer that occurs when all of the document annotations have been loaded
  • Updated the full text search UI to include arrows to navigate between search results, a button to cancel and clear search results (docViewer.clearSearchResults) and an indicator that a search is ongoing
  • Added support for wildcard and regex searching
  • Added the searchInProgress event on DocumentViewer to indicate when a search starts or stops
  • Required form fields now have a red border displayed around them
  • Various optimizations to improve annotation rendering performance
  • Added support for borders on links
  • Added samples for node.js (annotationHandler.js) and ASP.NET (AnnotationController.cs) server annotation handlers under lib/html5
  • Added warning messages to help troubleshoot issues with using the serverUrl option
  • Updated translation files for languages besides English so that it was clear which translations were missing
  • Added a tutorial explaining the WebViewer HTML structure
  • Added docViewer.setAnnotationImportOptions to set the batch size and delay for async loading of annotations
  • Added support for newlines in header and footer watermarks
  • Updated auto font size fields as text is entered into the field and a minimum font size is now enforced
  • Added support for importing and exporting all annotation flags
  • Added support for the print, noview, locked, lockedcontents and readonly flags on annotations
  • Added the ACCEPTED_IMAGE_TYPES property to the stamp creation tool to specify which image types can be opened
  • Added option to disable exporting of contents-richtext: Annotations.Annotation.exportContentsRichText = false
  • The calculated font size is now exported for FreeText annotations with auto font size because of display issues in other viewers
  • The note options menu is now displayed in the notes panel by default
  • Updated so that IE will always use the desktop viewer so that instances of IE which incorrectly state they support touch won't receive the mobile viewer
  • Improved performance when zooming on documents that have many widgets
  • Annotations can no longer be selected when they are toggled off
  • Added "page" attribute to annotation delete command
  • The popup subelement is no longer serialized for FreeText annotations as this can cause issues with other viewers
  • Fixed issue with Chrome 62 adding extra data to stamp annotation data URLs which caused issues in parsing
  • Fixed slowness when selecting text on several pages
  • Fixed memory leak when changing pages in non-continuous display modes
  • Fixed memory issues with keeping page thumbnails around in the desktop viewer
  • Fixed issue with the border and fill overlapping for semitransparent annotations
  • Fixed issue with calculating auto sized text of form fields when the browser zoom was not 100%
  • Fixed issue with Chrome and the ImageData constructor
  • Fixed issue with the LocalPartRetriever in Cordova on iOS11 where if the document had many simultaneous requests for parts iOS would fail to return all of the part data
  • Fixed issue where trying to click widgets on top of document text wouldn't work
  • Fixed issue with selected sheared text
  • Fixed issues with annotations from a previous document being loaded onto the new document if the new document was loaded before the previous annotations had finished loading
  • Fixed several issues with handling text data that affected text selection and searching
  • Fixed issue with drawing polygon paths in some situations
  • Fixed issue with IE10 not working with xdomain
  • Properly move to the beginning of the page when calling setCurrentPage and the page is rotated
  • Fixed issue where calling loadDocument wouldn't load the annotations for the new document
  • Fixed issue with the Subject property of FreeText annotations being overwritten when calling setIntent
  • Fixed issue where the Content-Range header wouldn't be handled properly if it was lowercase
  • Fixed issue with multiline form fields when the scroll long text flag is disabled
  • The mouse cursor displayed when hovering over an annotation control point now properly takes page rotation into account
  • Fixed issue with the handling of creation and modified date for annotations if they hadn't been specified in the XFDF that they were deserialized from

WebViewer mobile updates

  • Added viewing support for PDF documents using the new WebAssembly worker
  • Added much better support for copying selected text
  • Disabled pull to refresh that could happen when dragging downwards in Chrome
  • Only display the creation date in the annotation list if it's defined on the annotation
  • Fixed issue with loading a document while the user is swiping quickly through the pages
  • Fixed a timing issue where a new annotation canvas could be requested before the previous one was discarded causing issues rendering annotations

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