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Version 3.2.1 Changelog (2018-06-15)

Apryse Server Integration

  • Now compatible with the newest versions of Apryse Server
  • Added .csv to the supported extension list
  • Added support for auto-switching to healthy nodes in a load-balanced environments
  • Improved PDF print functionality using the server backend. No longer subject to client-side memory limitations
  • Fixed issue with bookmarks
  • Added support for watermarked downloads
  • Fixes to initialization in order to avoid occasional hiccups or flashing
  • Improvements to the image rendering backend (better coverage at small zoom levels)
  • Added fallback logic in the case where the server is unavailable

PDFNetJS updates

  • Fixed issue with importing certain JPEG files as a stamp

WebViewer HTML5 updates

  • Added support for the print function in embedded JavaScript
  • Added support for importing and exporting GoToR actions
  • Improved performance for loading annotation data from XOD files
  • Fixed the FreeText annotation line height spacing to match the output PDF
  • Fixed issue where text annotations were being assigned a stroke thickness and fill color when being deserialized
  • Fixed issue where clicking a radio button in some documents would select all grouped radio buttons
  • Fixed issue with handling surrogate characters in XOD documents
  • Fixed issue with selecting and searching for certain ligatures in XOD documents
  • Fixed issue with Android WebViews where the canvas would automatically adjust the font size by a scaling factor according to font accessibility settings
  • Fixed issue with URLs on bookmarks not working

WebViewer mobile updates

  • Fixed issue with crashing while pinch zooming that would occur sometimes on iOS
  • Fixed issue with browser zooming in iOS 11.3

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