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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v3.3


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 3.3.0 Changelog (2018-07-31)

WebViewer Server Integration

  • Official support for multi-container scaling

PDFNetJS updates

  • Both lean and full PDF workers are now included in one build. You can choose the full API by passing "fullAPI: true" to your WebViewer constructor instead of downloading a separate build.
  • Added support for setting the worker path to an absolute location on another server
  • Added Link support in markdown documents
  • Performance improvements when loading Excel documents
  • Adjusted the names of compressed worker files to end in .mem so that servers won't try to compress them again
  • Updated the page operations sample to include extractPages functionality
  • Fixed issue with office worker document loading where the first pages may be loaded before they were being listened to

WebViewer HTML5 updates

  • Added a new beta UI based on React. You can pass the constructor option ui: beta to try out this UI.
  • Added a runInIframe function which makes it easier to run custom WebViewer code from your app without using a config file
  • Updated margin handling in the viewer so that they scale with the zoom level
  • Added a showcase sample and a quick start script to get it running locally
  • Added the assetPath option to allow JS and CSS files to be loaded from another server
  • Added the css option to allow a custom CSS file to be loaded inside the WebViewer iframe
  • Allow documents to load when the "path" option is on a different domain from the app location
  • When importing annotations asynchronously, periodically draw annotations on the currently visible pages
  • Optimizations for annotation loading from XOD files
  • Exposed the forEachField function on FieldManager
  • Fire a single annotationChanged event when dragging multiple selected annotations
  • The initialDoc option is no longer required to be passed if startOffline is true
  • Pulled the usage of the i18next library outside of CoreControls.js
  • Updates to the Array prototype are no longer enumerable
  • Fixed issue where drawing a watermark would offset the printing of text fields
  • Fixed issue with flickering hand cursors in IE and Edge
  • Fixed slowness when creating and dragging annotations in IE on large documents
  • Fixed issue where getAnnotCommand wasn't outputting field values for nested fields
  • Fixed issue where the same annotation reply could added multiple times to the parent annotation's list of replies

WebViewer mobile updates

  • Double tapping is now disallowed when using an annotation tool to prevent accidental zooming
  • Fixed issue with copying selected text across multiple pages

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