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Version 4.1.0 Changelog (2018-12-21)



  • If an inline svg is used in a custom button, it would adapt the UI’s color
  • Hot-reloading has been enabled for webviewer-ui, improving dev experience when customizing the source code of webviewer-ui
  • Excluded react-hot-loader from built files
  • Updated color-separation sample to add color percentage
  • Capped the canvas multiplier value derived from devicePixelRatio at 2
  • Added proper support for surrogate characters to indices handling in XOD
  • Greatly reduced wait period between loading of annotations from the original document in PDFNetJS
  • Updated logic for appearance streams to avoid errors from resources being deleted prematurely
  • Use the filename option when downloading from WebViewer Server
  • Use the filename option in legacy ui when downloading from WebViewer Server
  • Ensure that we load annotations for page 1 first before other pages
  • Added workarounds to handle low canvas memory limit in iOS12
  • Improved error handling and messages for common errors
  • Added support to handle document path + extension passed as query parameter in loadDocument function
  • Fires visibilityChanged event when the visibility of an element changes
  • Prefixes are preserved when autolinking URLs
  • UI improvements


  • Fixed issue with search result number incrementing/decrementing even if there’s no match
  • Fixed issue with previous button in search was searching for the next result instead of previous result
  • Fixed issue with border colors missing in IE11
  • Fixed issue with tooltips for zoom in and out reversed in the top panel
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails not rendering for PDFNetJS
  • Fixed issue with font loading on iOS 9
  • Fixed issue with using the full API in the legacy viewer
  • Fixed wrong document paths in legacy sample
  • Fixed several issues with the Angular sample
  • Fixed issue where annotations would not load sometimes
  • Fixed issue with npm run build script not working in default ui
  • Fixed issue where you can't load a local document without specifying filename
  • Fixed issue where passing null to initialDoc constructor option would throw an error
  • Fixed issue with calling drawAnnotations on pages out of view on mobile
  • Fixed issue where annotations sometimes might not be rendered in the legacy mobile viewer
  • Fixed issue where setting withCredentials in loadDocument was not working
  • Fixed issue where event triggered in viewerElement did not contain any values
  • Fixed issue where pageChanged event handler was logging underfined in Angular sample
  • Fixed issue with cookie support in PNaCl downloader
  • Fixed issue where pending drawAnnotations calls with majorRedraw true will not be called with majorRedraw true
  • Fixed issue where documents with an odd number of pages would throw an error in mobile
  • Fixed issue where Link annotation with Printable flag false would hang when printing
  • Fixed issue with incorrect values being updated for X,Y,Width,Height
  • Fixed issue where withCredentials was set to true all the time, even for cross domain requests
  • Fixed issue where opening a non-image file to stamp tool made the tool stuck in a bad state
  • Fixed issue where did was not applied in GET/POST requests for annotations
  • Fixed issue where freehand might not be in download PDF
  • Fixed issue where strikeout with StrokeThickness 0 isn't visible
  • Fixed issue where first render was getting silently swallowed when we switch to XOD, preventing drawComplete callback from firing in WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where a cloud annotation without intensity defined won't get stuck in an infinite loop drawing
  • Fixed issue getting the page matrix during parsing of pdf-info custom annotations from XFDF
  • Fixed issue where callout annotation was remaining in canvas while the annotation wasn't added
  • Fixed issue with importing polygons with intensity 0
  • Fixed issue where sample pages are not responsive in small screens
  • Fixed issue where setToolModeAndGroup function was working in readonly
  • Fixed issue where annotation popup was not opening after certain features were disabled and re-enabled
  • Fixed issue where annotations without author or contents have been missing from the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where shortcuts for creating text annotations tools were working even when the tools are disabled
  • Fixed issue where text annotations buttons in text popup were visible even when the tools are disabled
  • Fixed issue where document id was not being updated when loading new documents
  • Fixed issue where document id was not applied in saving/loading annotations
  • Fixed where unshifting or pushing multiple items in setHeaderItems did not work
  • Fixed few hard coded strings in note to be translated
  • Fixed issue where single search was stuck on last match
  • Fixed issue where reply textarea in note was not shrinking when deleting lines
  • Fixed issue where the annotationsLoadedPromise never resolves

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