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Version 5.2.0 Changelog (2019-08-06)



  • Added support for annotation grouping. When multiple annotations are selected a "group" button will appear allowing multiple annotations to be grouped together.
  • Added a new eraser tool which will delete paths for freehand annotations and completely delete other annotations
  • Added support for editing leader lines on distance measurement annotations using the setEnableLeaderLines function
  • Added support for annotation dashed line rendering
  • Added support for pinch zooming when annotation tools are enabled
  • Updated viewer rotation to be synced in the diff sample
  • Updated the annotation multiselect tool to work with touch events
  • Added support for the util.scand function in embedded JavaScript
  • Improved the handling of 12h formatted dates with embedded JavaScript
  • Enable appearance rendering for highlight annotations


  • Fixed issues with iOS reaching the canvas memory limit, allowing continuous mode to work again without issues
  • Fixed issue with adding a FreeText annotation programmatically to a non-visible page
  • Fixed issues with watermarks not working consistently with documents loaded from WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue with loading some documents when the path is on another domain
  • Fixed issue with FitR GoTo actions
  • Fixed issue with slow synced scrolling in some browsers in the diff sample
  • Fixed issue with the startOffline option not working with the new UI
  • Fixed issue where the mouse cursor would change to "move" when over top of an annotation that was readonly
  • Fixed issue with loading config files when there are multiple WebViewer instances loaded on a page
  • Fixed issue where FreeText annotations with a stroke thickness would decrease in size after editing
  • Fixed issues with linking signature widgets and free hand annotations on load
  • Fixed issue where sometimes annotations with appearances wouldn't be visible
  • Fixed issue with sticky note rendering on rotated pages
  • Fixed issue with new lines not working correctly for auto-sized FreeText annotations in Firefox
  • Fixed issue where FreeText annotations disappear on iOS if you pinch zoom while editing
  • Fixed issue with exporting FreeText annotation fonts with spaces in the name

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