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Version 6.1.0 Changelog (2020-02-06)


  • Added a RubberStampCreateTool. This tool is available in the UI under the misc tool group and can be used to add various kinds of rubber stamp annotations to the document.
  • Added a link button in the popups that can be used to link annotations or text to a url or a page number.
  • Created a React component library with various components that integrate with WebViewer. For example, a FileOrganizer component is included that has built-in drag and drop functionality.
  • Added setCropMode and an ALL_PAGES crop mode to CropCreateTool.
  • Added a cropApplied event to CropCreateTool. The event will be triggered after page(s) is cropped.
  • Added a loadDocument API to DocumentViewer. This API has the same usage as loadAsync, but determines the correct type of PartRetriever to use internally.
  • Added a TWO_CLICKS draw mode for LineCreateTool. This allows you to create a line annotation with two clicks instead of clicking and dragging.
  • Added a disable option to instance.updateElement. When this option is true, HTML elements that have Button in the class name won't be clickable.
  • Added a colorPalette option to instance.updateElement to set the colors in the viewer's color palette.
  • Added an instance.setCustomMeasurementOverlayInfo API to customize the content in the measurement overlay.
  • Added a dropdown to choose regular or cloudy border style for rectangle annotations.


  • Updated the signature modal to include two more tabs - typing and picking local images as signatures.
  • Updated the line, polyline and polygon annotations to lock the angle of the control points to a multiple of 45 degrees when the shift key is pressed while resizing.
  • Updated the EllipseCreateTool to create a perfect circle when the shift is pressed while drawing.
  • Updated the measurement overlay to allow users to edit the distance of a line annotation.
  • Updated the TypeScript declaration file to contain more correct types.


  • Fixed issue where pages jumped to a different position after pinching in mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes pages were zoomed in twice after pinching in mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue where setting simplifyPen of FreeHandCreateTool to true didn't simplify the paths.
  • Fixed issue where StampCreateTool didn't open the file dialog in iOS 13.
  • Fixed issue where exportAnnotations didn't wait for all instances of FreeHandCreateTool to finish drawing before exporting annotations.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a note might result in an incorrect scroll position in the notes panel.
  • Fixed issue where only primary annotation comments show up in print comment page.
  • Fixed issue where line breaks in comments weren't displaying properly when printing the document with comments included.
  • Fixed issue where annotation tooltip were not showing line breaks for comments correctly.
  • Fixed issue where checkboxes and buttons in the print modal were not disabled in the process of printing.
  • Fixed issue where setPrintQuality allowed negative values.
  • Fixed issues where accessing certain functions too early on a viewer optimized document wouldn't work.

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