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Version 6.2.0 Changelog (2020-03-10)


  • Added support for file attachment annotations
  • Added a rectangular measurement tool that can be used to measure area in a document
  • Added an ellipse measurement tool that can be used to measure circular areas in a document
  • Improved usability of creating polygon annotations by adding a drop zone that can be clicked to complete the annotation
  • Added a disableLogs API to disable console logs, warnings and errors from inside of WebViewer
  • Added button to download the diffed pages in the diff sample as an image
  • Added overlay slider to diff sample to control what percentage of each document is visible
  • Added options to generate cloudy polygon with random cloud arcs
  • Added support for getMetadata with PDF documents
  • Added dangerouslySetNoteTransformFunction which can be used to transform content inside notes
  • Added instance.Feature.PageNavigation that can be used to enable/disable all the ways that navigate the viewer to a different page
  • Updated instance.downloadPdf to take more download options. This includes flatten, which indicates whether all the annotations in the download document should be flattened.
  • Added a 'disable' option to instance.updateElement. When this option is true, HTML elements that have Button in the class name won't be clickable
  • Updated the measurement tool snap mode so that snapping would only occur within a certain threshold of a snap point


  • Fixed issue where tools didn't draw annotations in the correct position when direction is rtl
  • Fixed issue where extra text was displayed for some button widgets
  • Fixed several rendering issues with Office documents
  • Fixed issue where multi-select form fields weren't being handled correctly
  • Fixed issue where PDFs with differently sized pages didn't always maintain the current page when rotating the document
  • Fixed issue where form fields wouldn't re-render when a visual property changed
  • Fixed issue where tapping on the signature canvas wouldn't draw a circle
  • Fixed issue where the rubber stamp tool overlay wasn't displaying properly in IE11
  • Fixed error in the notes panel that occurred rarely when there were many annotations in the document
  • Fixed issue where the scrollbar kept hiding and showing when typing text in the signature dialog on Windows
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the document will zoom in twice when pinch zoom is finished
  • Fixed issue where the setAction API in embedded JavaScript wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where "currentValueIndices" wasn't able to be set in embedded JavaScript
  • Fixed issue where some radio buttons wouldn't retrieve the correct value in embedded JavaScript
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a note might result in an incorrect scroll position
  • Fixed issue with getFileData not resolving if called too early on viewer optimized PDFs
  • Fixed issue where annotation appearances might not show up when loading with WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where annotation could temporarily be drawn at the wrong orientation when loading with WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where only primary annotation comments showed up in the print comment page

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