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Version 7.0.1 Changelog (2020-08-11)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue where saving a non-linearized PDF could cause issues with rendering after the save
  • Fixed issue where transparent polyline line endings were incorrectly displayed as black
  • Fixed issue where importing freetext annotations added a richtext editor to the DOM
  • Fixed issue where the connected point of the callout annotation was not connected to the box after calling fitText
  • Fixed issue where widgets with the same name were not showing the formatted value correctly
  • Fixed issue with multiple freetext annotations having the same appearance
  • Fixed issue where links associated with annotations weren't moving when the annotation moved
  • Fixed issue where exportAnnotations would wait for all annotations to be loaded even if the annotList option was passed

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where hitting the up arrow while in single page mode would move the scrollbar to the bottom of the page on the first page
  • Fixed issue where signature stroke thickness wasn't set correctly
  • Fixed issue with getting signature previews when deleteSavedSignatures is called twice in a row
  • Fixed some translations for French and Portuguese

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