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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v7.3.1


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 7.3.1 Changelog (2021-04-06)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue where dashed borders for links weren't able to be rendered
  • Fixed issue where redactions with overlay text were not able to be hovered
  • Fixed issue where documents loaded with WebViewer Server would fail to load if they had corrupt text data
  • Fixed issue with a lack of padding when display Chinese characters inside a freetext annotation
  • Fixed issue where transparency was not supported for custom appearances added with addCustomAppearance
  • Fixed issue with annotation positioning in XOD documents that are 90 degree rotated and have different page sizes
  • Fixed some issues with the assignment of global variables in embedded JS in some cases
  • Fixed issue where setting a date picker widget to readonly programmatically didn't actually make it readonly
  • Fixed issue where office documents wouldn't import annotations after page 1 when using docViewer.setDocumentXFDFRetriever
  • Fixed timing issue with exporting a freetext annotation immediately after creating it
  • Fixed issue where the layoutChanged event would fire unnecessarily after a document loaded
  • Fixed issue with populating signature widgets using the locationSelected event
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to determine what caused a redaction annotation to be deleted. options.source on the annotationChanged event will be set to redactionApplied if it was because the redaction annotation was applied and not deleted by the user.
  • Fixed issue where the changeEx property was not supported for embedded JS.
  • Fixed issue with rotating pages with WebViewer Server and the forceClientSideInit option
  • Fixed issue where note content for text annotations would be overridden when the annotation was resized
  • Fixed issue CoreControls.Math.Matrix when calculating the inverse with a zero diagonal cell
  • Fixed issue with setting custom cursor when ENABLE_ANNOTATION_HOVER_CURSORS is set to false
  • Fixed issue where selecting text on a document with more pages than the next document loaded could cause issues when hovering over text on the new document
  • Fixed issue where text could not be pasted in a freetext annotation in Safari
  • Fixed issue where setImmediate polyfill behaved strangely in IE11
  • Fixed issue where docViewer.setCurrentPage didn't work properly for rotated pages
  • Fixed issue where the "two click" draw mode for line annotations wasn't working

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where after adding a comment an exclamation mark remains on the note
  • Fixed issue where signature modal is not opened when adding a signature in some situations
  • Fixed issue where the watermark set by setWatermark would be lost when opening/closing the print modal
  • Fixed issue where an error might occur if localstorage was not available
  • Fixed issue where instance.downloadPdf didn't return a promise
  • Fixed issue where "Callout" would not appear in the types of the annotation note filter
  • Fixed issue where "Other" would appear in the types of the annotation note filter
  • Fixed issue where the custom stamp modal username didn't update if it was programmatically changed
  • Fixed issue where the text signature default value didn't update if the username was programmatically changed
  • Fixed issue where thumbnails might not show up in the thumbnails panel for viewer optimized documents
  • Fixed issue where empty search string didn't clear search results
  • Fixed issue where thumbnail size slider wasn't able to be disabled
  • Fixed issue where a document without any signature widgets would cause the signature panel to display a spinner indefinitely
  • Fixed issue where marquee zoom button was not able to be disabled
  • Updates to the Japanese and Dutch translation files
  • Fixed some localization issues with the signature validation modal
  • Fixed issue with the signatures appearing rotated in the signature overlay in some cases
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a note wouldn't autofocus the textarea
  • Fixed issue with incorrect tooltips on the zoom buttons

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