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Version 7.3.2 Changelog (2021-05-11)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue with pasting in a freetext annotation in IE11
  • Fixed issue with using parseInt in an embedded JS script
  • Fixed issue where the value of event.change wasn't set for combo box keystroke events
  • Fixed issue where the fallbackToClientSide option wasn't working properly with WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where programmatically created freetext annotations weren't able to be downloaded
  • Fixed issue with the TRN_ENABLE_AUTH_SESSION option on WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where colors on file attachment annotations with the paperclip icon weren't working
  • Fixed issue with opening PDFs that have a calculation order with null values
  • Fixed issue with custom appearances on signatures not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue where document.getPrintablePDF was not throwing an error when the browser was offline
  • Fixed issue with page operations and WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect matrix and rotation values could be used temporarily when loading a document with WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where after serialize is called on a freetext annotation it updates the DateModified property
  • Fixed issue where loading a document with WebViewer Server would sometimes have an "Unknown page id" error
  • Fixed issue where an error would be thrown when trying to run an embedded script that failed to compile

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where buttons inside comments in the notes panel were not able to be focused with tab
  • Fixed issue where selecting a grouped annotation doesn't scroll to the parent comment in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where text on a comment in the notes panel was not able to be selected and copied
  • Fixed issue where the zoom level popup was not closed when selecting a new zoom level
  • Fixed issue where the current page would not automatically be visible in the thumbnails panel
  • Fixed issue where saving annotations comments didn't work well when there were many annotations in the document
  • Fixed issue where the active search result did not get automatically scrolled to
  • Fixed issue where PDF wasn't loading when the UI was loaded outside of an iframe
  • Fixed issue where changing the annotation fill or stroke wasn't working on tablets
  • Fixed issue with annotation comment scrolling when saving the comment and there are many annotations in the document
  • Fixed issue where an error could be thrown from the thumbnails panel after removing pages
  • Fixed issue where annotations without a date weren't sorted properly
  • Fixed issue where the link button was shown sometimes for sticky note annotations
  • Fixed issue where comment replies could sometimes be edited by users other than the author
  • Fixed issue where selectThumbnailPages was not able to select the very last page of the document
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the notes panel would jump to the selected annotation when scrolling
  • Fixed issue where if the notes panel is open and the user tries to open the search panel with a keyboard shortcut then it wouldn't work properly
  • Fixed issue with access localStorage through an iframe
  • Fixed issue where the virtual keyboard would appear automatically when opening the notes panel on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue where the unlink button wasn't working correctly in all cases

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