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Version 7.3.3 Changelog (2021-06-14)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue where combo box values wouldn't get updated after pinch zooming on iOS
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to have a blank page when loading certain documents with WebViewer Server and TRN_DISABLE_CLIENT_PDF_ACCESS
  • Fixed issue where creating a line annotation it would be slightly offset in the y direction
  • Fixed issue where copy/pasting grouped annotations would group them inconsistently with the original group
  • Fixed issue where editing the richtext style of a freetext wasn't firing the annotationChanged event
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't continue drawing a polyline annotation if you zoomed out in the middle of creating it
  • Fixed issue where rectangular measurement annotations were not able to be moved
  • Fixed issue where using the callout tool with lineCount 1 didn't work properly
  • Fixed issue where copying an annotation didn't copy the associated link
  • Fixed issue where setting the CustomData property would clear the annotation appearance
  • Fixed issue where merging documents could potentially prevent an annotation appearance from being properly displayed
  • Fixed issue with a rare uncaught error in the RubberStampCreateTool
  • Fixed issue where the wrong value is used for event.change if the option values change after the initial load
  • Fixed issue where pasting a lot of text into a text input with "do not scroll" would ignore the paste instead of truncate the data
  • Fixed issue with creating new rectangle redactions

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where the comment summary wouldn't use the updated date format after calling setPrintedNoteDateFormat
  • Fixed issue where printInBackground wasn't able to print the current view
  • Fixed issue where using ctrl + scroll wheel didn't zoom to exactly to the mouse location
  • Fixed issue where the notes panel comments wouldn't have the correct height sometimes after deselecting
  • Fixed incorrect label in the comment summary of printing
  • Fixed issue where the last thumbnail in view doesn't get reloaded when the page is removed
  • Fixed issue where the onProgress callback of printInBackground wasn't called for pages with a comment summary
  • Fixed scrolling issues with the notes panel virtualized list
  • Fixed issue where if the thumbnail panel was resized all the way to the edge in IE11 it wouldn't be able to be resized back
  • Fixed issue where side panels would have empty space at the bottom if the main header was hidden
  • Fixed issue with sorting annotations by type in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where the link button was still clickable when entering an invalid page number

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